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Odor Removal Services Houston Texas

May 12, 2011

Clean and Green Solutions recently completed another odor removal service for a client in Humble Texas. The homeowner has been trying to sell her home with not much success due to an overwhelming odor caused by cigarette smoking. We were referred by her local Century 21 real estate office. Using our application sprayer and our […]


Pressure Washing Houston Texas

April 22, 2011

PRESSURE WASHING HOUSTON TEXAS While Pressure Washing is the term most people often refer to for our Pressure Washing Houston Texas services, our residential and commercial clients prefer our soft wash method of cleaning brick, vinyl siding, hardi plank, stone and other exterior surfaces. We us environmentally safe cleaning products and no pressure to safely […]


Roof Cleaning Houston Texas

April 15, 2011

Ever wonder what those ugly black streaks are on your asphalt shingle or tile roof?? Well, it is actually a very common algae that is carried through the air and lands on your roof and actually grows and takes over the entire surface of your roof. If left untreated, your roof will experience pre-mature failure […]


Outdoor Playground Equipment Cleaning

April 9, 2011

Outdoor Playground Equipment on Church and School properties are just as succeptable to mold and mildew growth as the exterior of your home and roof. At Clean and Green Solutions we use environmentally safe cleaning products to clean outdoor playground equipment and protect our children from the many diseases and illnesses that can come from […]


Houston Roof Cleaning

March 26, 2011

Houston Roof Cleaning Our Houston Roof Cleaning Service removes those ugly black stains that build up over time and cause your home to lose it’s curb appeal. ?Those ugly black streaks are mold and mildew and can cause your roof to fail due to the mold and mildew eating away at the shingle grit. Most […]


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