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Slate Roof Cleaning Memorial Texas

Slate Roof Cleaning Memorial Texas

December 11, 2015


Memorial Texas has an interesting history. In the 1930’s, wealthy people had large home plots with horse stables to support the very popular horseback riding activity. As time passed though, these stables were sold by the owners and replaced with houses. It was in the 1950’s that exceptional development accelerated with accompanying government facilities such as schools, police, and fire houses. The Beltway 8 was constructed in 1968 and along with Interstate 610, made the area highly attractive to public figures. These days, homes now sell for upwards of one million dollars where famous baseball players Roger Clemens and Daryl Hamilton now reside.  Many homes are built with a slate roof, which require our Slate Roof Cleaning Memorial Texas service.

Slate Roof Cleaning Memorial Texas
Slate Roof Cleaning Memorial Texas

If you own a home in Memorial, you may have chosen a more costly and longer lasting SLATE roof for your home. This natural stone product gives your home a unique and beautiful appearance, with the potential to last for 80-100 years. In addition to appearance and longevity, a SLATE roof is completely fire resistant, which means you worry less about fireworks, wildfires and adjacent house fires in the neighborhood. A SLATE roof is more friendly to the environment as more than 5% of landfill waste can be attributed to asphalt shingle roofing that needs replacement every 20 to 30 years.

Never Pressure Wash a Roof

But despite these tremendous advantages over traditional roofing materials, a SLATE roof still must be cleaned and well maintained on a regular basis in order to achieve maximum lifespan. Clean and Green Solutions is fully aware of what it takes to clean a SLATE roof properly, thoroughly, and safely. Our soft wash approach will eliminate any risk of damage whatsoever, and our technicians have special training for SLATE roof cleaning.  Any roof is a huge investment, and a SLATE roof is even more so because of the higher cost compared to other roofing options. An inexperienced roof cleaning contractor may not have the training and expertise to clean a SLATE roof, and perhaps may not even know what it is. Clean and Green Solutions has over twenty five years of experience in this industry cleaning virtually every roof type, and SLATE is no exception. Let Clean and Green Solutions give your SLATE roof a clean slate!

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