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Why Choose our Power Washing Service?

Clean and Green Solutions is committed to providing superior client service for commercial and residential pressure washing needs throughout the greater Houston Texas area. With over twenty five years of experience in the power cleaning industry, we have the expertise and equipment to provide exceptional service for home and business structures of all shapes and sizes. Feel comfort by viewing our large presence on social media that clearly showcases before and after photos highlighting the stellar results from many of our power washing projects. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube are just a few of the platforms for you to check us out on.

Clean and Green Solutions provides a wide variety of professional cleaning services while using eco-friendly cleaning agents so that persons, pets, and plants are not at risk. By taking advantage of our competitive pricing for roof cleaning and pressure washing services, you are saving thousands of dollars throughout the lifetime of your structure by increasing the value through maintaining like-new aesthetics, in addition to avoiding premature roof replacement costs, and the cost of re-painting.

What Makes Clean and Green Solutions Special?

Our soft wash approach to roof cleaning ensures that all dirt and algae stains are removed without causing damage to the shingles. We insist on following manufacturer’s guidelines when cleaning and maintaining each and every roof so that warranties will not be voided. In addition, our experienced crew will gently clean all or most of the roof without having to walk on it. Only when it is absolutely required will we walk on the roof, using safety equipment to keep our crew safe from injury and your roof protected from damage.

Our company is completely sold out and dedicated to continuing education in order to stay on top of the latest technologies and trends in the mobile cleaning industry. In fact, Clean and Green Solutions has been providing a consulting service as well as professional training to cleaning contractors throughout the country in places like Orlando, Pheonix, San Diego, Charleston and of course, in the greater Houston area. We are a business that proudly stands behind our work. Though it is rarely needed, we will return to a project a second time to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with the work we perform. We take extraordinary pride in the work we do, and always find that clients are thrilled with the dramatic visual results we bring about. We encourage you to check out our before and after pictures to see the startling difference a complete building wash can make for your home or business.

Clean and Green Solutions works tirelessly to ensure that no damage occurs to your property by unnecessary high pressure blasting, which can erode surfaces such as shingle roofs, painted stucco, and various types of siding. We use pressure washing for surfaces that can withstand it such as concrete sidewalks and driveways, but we use a soft wash approach for surfaces that could be damaged by high pressure blasting. This soft wash approach is a technique which we have been perfecting for over twenty five years, and recommend for all vertical surfaces and roof areas for any home or building. Our soft wash technique is a procedural process which effectively utilizes a cleaning detergent, along with a cold water rinse to remove dead algae and other roof stains. Mold, mildew, and algae are the most common forms of contaminants that we remove with soft washing. These biological and organic stains are the natural result of rainfall, dampness, humidity and shade widely prevalent in the Houston metropolitan region. Pressure washing and detergent alone will not properly and effectively clean the surface because mold and mildew spores are left behind, and will simply grow back over a short period of time. Our soft wash solution uses a safe and proper dilution of water, Sodium Hypochlorite, and other cleaning detergents that are gently applied, using less pressure than an ordinary garden hose. This unique cleaning solution is given time to sit while it penetrates and kills spore roots, before it is gently rinsed from the surface. This ensures that the surface remains clean for a much longer period of time.

What Can We Do For you?

Here is a list of the types of projects that we have extensive experience in with: residential homes, apartment complexes, commercial office buildings, restaurants, banks, shopping plazas and retail centers, stadiums and recreation centers, churches, schools,EIFS, exterior stucco, , decra roof, dumpster, graffiti removal, interior floor cleaning, metal roof cleaning, rust stain removal, slate roof cleaning and tile roof cleaning

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