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Kingwood Pressure Washing Services

Posted On: July 26, 2011 | Categorized In: Blog

Kingwood Pressure Washing Services Clean and Green Solutions cleans many exterior surfaces for our Kingwood Pressure Washing Services. We provide a few examples of recent cleaning for you review here in Kingwood Texas.  In addition, we clean all of these surfaces using our SOFT WASH cleaning method.  We do not recommend using high pressure on […]


Driveway Cleaning

Posted On: July 24, 2011 | Categorized In: Blog

Driveway Cleaning Clean and Green Solutions, 281.883.8470, offers driveway cleaning services at extremely affordable prices. Prices start at $175.00 for an average size driveway.  There is no reason not to have your drive way cleaned. Our driveway cleaning service removes years of built up dirt, grime and algae.  Also, we remove 0ther harmful toxins that are being […]


Roof Cleaning Makes Sense

Posted On: | Categorized In: Blog

Roof Cleaning Makes Sense If you own a home in the Houston Texas area, then you know roof cleaning makes sense.  If your roof has never been cleaned then you are aware of the black algae streaks.  Black algae on a roof causes roofs to be replaced much sooner than they should. It isn’t just […]


Removing Oil Stains in Houston Texas

Posted On: July 16, 2011 | Categorized In: Blog

Removing Oil Stains in Houston Texas Clean and Green Solutions loves removing oil stains in Houston Texas.  Examples of this include driveways, roads, parking lots, parking garages and many other surfaces. In the pictures of this home in Houston Texas, oil had leaked onto the asphalt road causing these severe dark stains.  The homeowner tried […]


Removing Cigarette Odor

Posted On: July 12, 2011 | Categorized In: Blog

REMOVING CIGARETTE ODOR Cigarette Smoke permeates everything. It is one of the hardest odors to get rid of.  And sometimes just when you think you have eliminated it, it comes back.  Removing Cigarette Odor requires the proper safe solutions and equipment. Unless you kill the bacteria that is causing the odor, the odor will always […]


Removing Rust Stains

Posted On: July 9, 2011 | Categorized In: Blog

Removing Rust Stains Rust Stains can appear out of nowhere. A few of the common causes are Air Conditioning over flow pipes, irrigation systems, fertilizer that gets left on side walks and driveways, and vehicles.  Clean and Green Solutions removes rust stains from surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, exterior walls, and even roofs. One of […]


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