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Houston Texas Roof Cleaner

Posted On: September 28, 2012 | Categorized In: Blog, Roof Cleaning

Houston Texas Roof Cleaner Professional Houston Texas Roof Cleaner services are performed without the use of a pressure washer.  The manufacture of your shingles can void the warranty if cleaned using a pressure washer.  So make sure your roof is cleaned by a certified roof cleaning company like us. Old video so turn down the […]


Pressure Washing

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PRESSURE WASHING 281.883.8470 If you are thinking about having pressure washing done at your home, you may want to consider the alternative.  It’s called Soft Washing or as we like to call it Soft Cleaning.  Soft Washing or Soft Cleaning is a method of cleaning your home using very low pressure.  Using Low Pressure when […]


Sidewalk Cleaning

Posted On: September 23, 2012 | Categorized In: Blog

Sidewalk Cleaning Perhaps you own a business in a shopping center or are a property manager that manages a shopping center.  If so, then you realize the importance of keeping the front of your business clean.  Gum is a big problem and regular sidewalk cleaning keeps your businesses clean. GUM BUILDUP Allowing gum to build […]


Drain Pipe Clearing

Posted On: September 7, 2012 | Categorized In: Blog

Drain Pipe Clearing Call or Text 281.326.9828.  Our Company recently began offering drain pipe clearing services to the Kingwood and Houston Texas area. This service is not for plumbing pipes.  It is for clearing pool drain pipes and in ground landscape pipe. Recently, we cleared gutter drains and downspouts, as well as under ground landscape […]


Fertilizer Rust Stain Removal

Posted On: September 1, 2012 | Categorized In: Blog

Fertilizer Rust Stain Removal Fertilizer rust stain removal are some of the most difficult rust stains to remove.  These stains are caused by fertilizer granules that are left on concrete surfaces.  Moisture causes the fertilizer pellets to basically melt on the concrete. The fertilizer will cause deep rust stains to embed in the concrete. Using […]


Battery Acid Rust Stain Removal

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Battery Acid Rust Stain Removal Using the right product and application method is imperative for BATTERY ACID RUST STAIN REMOVAL. We see these rust stains quite often on driveways and garages of homes on Golf Course Communities.  Often times the homeowner is told to use Muriatic Acid to remove the stain. Their are a few […]


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