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Graffiti Removal Houston Texas


Graffiti generates many negative vibes. First and most obvious, it takes away from the beauty and charm of the neighborhood. Second, the stigma that comes along with graffiti is the label of being a low socio-economic area. This translates into a decrease in values both for homes and commercial property. Third, it attracts more graffiti which contributes to a spiraling downward effect for the entire area.


It will mean an increase in gang related activity if not removed promptly.  Houston is home to some incredibly artistic and well loved graffiti MURALS that we would certainly not want to remove.  These unique expressions are much appreciated by many of the immediate residents and business owners.  On the other hand, it’s the unnecessary “artwork” illegally placed on public property, and sometimes even private residences and businesses, that needs removing. Graffiti Removal Houston Texas can be a difficult and challenging project, but well worth the time and investment.


The best approach to take is to quickly remove graffiti as soon as it appears. Clean and Green Solutions has been removing graffiti for years.  Our widespread exterior cleaning service options include graffiti removal in Houston, Texas, which we have been doing for over twenty years.  Our professionally trained cleaning technicians have the expertise and patience required to remove graffiti.  In addition, we have professional grade cleaning agents that you cannot purchase in home improvement stores.  We always recommend using professionals for graffiti removal in Houston, Texas.  This will prevent much heartache and frustration that arise from failed DIY attempts.  It also saves time and prevents wasting resources.  And you may damage the  surface while trying to remove graffiti yourself.  So trust a professional like our cleaning technicians at Clean and Green Solutions!  They will get the job done quickly and return any surface to it’s original color and condition.

We are proud to provide graffiti removal in Houston Texas for residential and commercial properties.  We provide graffiti removal services for any surface you have.  Call or text 281-326-9828 and include a picture and address for a QUICK QUOTE!

graffiti removal houston texas

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Working with Facility Managers


Working with Facility Managers is something Clean and Green Solutions has extensive experience with and greatly enjoys.  We understand some of the daily pressures they face working with contractors, and our desire is to help ease their load. When it comes to exterior cleaning, Clean and Green Solutions loves Working with Facility Managers in every way possible.


Facility Directors manage small, medium size, and very large facilities, and usually oversee staff members. But regardless of the size and scope of work, the outside of the building must remain clean. The roof, walls, sidewalks and parking areas tend grow dark, dingy and dirty over the years. A Facility Director manages this important aspect of property maintenance. This empowers the organization to project a first class image in the community. Facility Managers will usually gather approximately three bids from various cleaning contractors to ensure competitive pricing.


At Clean and Green Solutions, we work with Facility Directors in a wide variety of ways. First, we are always glad to provide a free estimate with detailed scope of work, based on need. This includes large and small projects and our many services can be found HERE. Secondly, through our PRESSURE CLEANING SCHOOL, we provide extensive training for staff members who pressure wash their property under Facility Director supervision. We raise the skill of staff members through classroom and on the job training. This ensures the work they perform provides the kind of quality visual results needed. We also provide cleaning agents that work effectively through DOUG RUCKER STORE.


If you are a Facility Director, we encourage you to call or text 281-326-9828 so that we might assist you. It would be an honor for us to partner with you for cleaning, training, or equipment and supplies. Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about our desire to work closely with Facility Directors.