by Angelo Angelo



Whenever it’s time for pressure washing at home, we are often aware of what it means for us as homeowners, but not for neighbors.  First, we will enjoy seeing the difference every time we arrive back home. Second, perhaps we will be more willing to extend entertaining invitations to friends or family. Third, our property value is protected and we are in a much stronger position to sell. Plus, you are creating healthy environment for your family when you keep mold and mildew washed away. We live in a very self-oriented society, and it’s easy to focus on what a clean house means to us.


But have you ever considered how cleaning your home also benefits your neighbors? It is safe to assume that they will also enjoy seeing the cleaner version of roof, walls, driveway and sidewalks. Whether by walking, driving, or just seeing from the window, they will most assuredly enjoy the difference! In addition, they may very well be inspired to have their own home cleaned as well. It is not at all uncommon for neighbors to request quotes while we’re on the job. And the entire neighborhood will increase in property value when the homes are kept clean on a regular basis.

So as you consider pressure washing your home, don’t just think of it from your perspective. Think of what a difference it will make even for the neighbors all around you.

At Clean and Green Solutions, we provide an incentive to schedule annual cleanings. As long as you remain on our schedule on an annual basis, we will honor the original price quote. Our promise is to never raise your fees for as long as you remain on our schedule each year. We would like to remain a good neighbor to you, and welcome the opportunity to lock in today’s cleaning fees in perpetuity with annual scheduled cleanings. Call or text 281-326-9828 for a free estimate that will benefit your entire neighborhood!  Feel free to subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel for more great videos