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When it comes to Pressure Washing Storage Facilities, Clean and Green Solutions knows the unique challenges. With over twenty five years of experience in the industry, we have extensive experience with commercial and residential properties. Pressure Washing Storage Facilities throughout the Houston region is one of our specialties because of all the we have to offer.  We contribute to customer retention and attraction by providing superior cleaning with stunning visual results.  So here are the most important things to remember when Pressure Washing Storage Facilities.


Storage facilities provide space for highly valuable articles.  Pressure Washing can result in water intrusion into the units, which may damage furniture and other precious family treasures.  Because of this, Clean and Green Solutions will always use a SOFT WASH approach.  Water will fall softly and slowly to the ground, rather than unintentionally being forced into units.  This is a highly typical mistake inexperienced cleaning contractors make when Pressure Washing Storage Facilities.


Many storage facilities have metal buildings with aluminum doors.  Stucco and concrete are other common surfaces found on storage facility properties.  We have found the most common stains are rust, oxidation (white, chalky substance) and mildew.  In addition, tire marks, oil drip, and dirt daubers must be mitigated.  For all of these challenges and many more, we have unique cleaning agents to completely remove these stains.

ssure Washing Storage Facility


We have discovered that storage facility managers care deeply about their properties.  In addition to retention and attraction of customers, they are protecting many highly valuable assets.  This unique burden gives them a perspective others never consider.  They will certainly provide more insight, detail, and important factors to remember when Pressure Washing Storage Facilities.  It is very important to take time to listen to every piece of information they provide.  Meet with them personally, take detailed notes, and make sure you follow their instructions fully.

Clean and Green Solutions is proudly certified with the United Association of Mobile Cleaning Contractors.  We look forward to pressure washing storage facilities throughout the greater Houston region!  Call or text 281-883-8470 to schedule a meeting and arrange for a free estimate.  You can find a summary of our services on a LinkedIn article here.