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Clean and Green Solutions is proud to assist businesses with COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING IN PORTER TEXAS! We have extensive experience with exterior cleaning of buildings such as restaurants, shopping plazas, gas stations, and office suites.  In addition, banks, attorney offices, churches and funeral homes, as well industrial warehouse complexes are right up our alley.  There are many advantages to regularly scheduled COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING IN PORTER TEXAS.


First, COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING IN PORTER TEXAS results in much improved visual appearance, attracting more customers and clients.  When people see a dirty property, they tend to have negative impressions about the business.   COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING IN PORTER TEXAS means projecting an image of excellence in the community on the part of your business.


Secondly, COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING IN PORTER TEXAS means employee morale improves because of the attractive appearance they see upon arrival.  Consider all the dark tire stains in the parking lots from heavy traffic use.  Notice the dark stains on sidewalks and entry areas into the building.  Is the building itself covered with stains?  The dark and dingy appearance leaves a depressing mood for employees that come in and out of the property everyday.  But a freshly cleaned property projects bright and clean feelings that lifts spirits and inspires confidence.  This results in higher motivation and appreciation for the daily work they perform there.

Finally, COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING IN PORTER TEXAS saves money, increasing profitability.  Without regularly scheduled pressure washing, premature roof replacement will occur.  Your building will need painting much sooner.  And the parking lot will need to be re stripped.  But the roof, paint or other building surfaces, and parking lot stripes will look great over time with pressure washing.  Let CLEAN AND GREEN SOLUTIONS save you money with COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING IN PORTER TEXAS!  We are proudly certified through the UAMCC.

So call or text 281-883-8470 for a free estimate on a one time project, or for an annual cleaning maintenance plan.

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Homeowners needing PAVER SEALING HOUSTON TEXAS should consider Clean and Green Solutions.  It is unfortunate that many homeowners deal with paver driveways with an incorrect sealer installation.  One of the first signs is a white haze that occurs on the surface.  At Clean and Green Solutions, we often receive calls from homeowners to correct this problem.



Moisture attacks the paver surface from top as well as from the ground beneath.  As moisture penetrates the sealed surface, the sealer deteriorates and gives off a white haze color.  At this point, the new sealer is needed after the old sealer is stripped.  Of course, the surface is completely cleaned before the new sealer is applied.



The sealer that we apply is superior and will provide protection for your pavers for 8-10 years.  It is a high performance blend of Silane/Siloxane with a non-filming, transparent finish.  This breathable, solvent based sealer is the most durable and longest lasting available on the market today.  It is clear in appearance when applied, and dries clear with an invisible finish.  Our sealer is appropriate for indoor and outdoor use, and will work on new and well used surfaces.  It is ideal for both concrete and clay pavers as well as concrete, unglazed tile and terra cotta.

Some of the great advantages of our sealer include features related to joint stabilization.  The sand within the pavement hardens, which accomplishes three things.  First, there is significant reduction in wash out caused by rain.  Secondly, there is also significant reduction in weed growth between joints.  And finally, you will see far less infestation of those pesky insects making your driveway their home.

Call or text 281-883-8470 for Paver Cleaning and Sealing estimates.  Clean and Green Solutions is proudly certified through the UAMCC.

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PREVENTING CONCRETE OIL STAINS is a new trend in the construction industry. We hardly ever even notice concrete oil stains throughout our communities because they are so commonplace. They are present on driveways at home. We have them on parking lots at work, where we shop and places of business. Schools, churches, hospitals and on and on the list goes of places saturated with concrete oil stains. As a result, we do not see them anymore.

CLEAN AND GREEN SOLUTIONS is proud to provide a new a new service. We now offer PREVENTING CONCRETE OIL STAINS service for residential and commercial properties. We use a stain blocking invisible sealer that blocks oil, water, and other organic stains. This water based sealer is non-film forming with a transparent finish. This durable and long lasting protection is ideal for driveways, parking areas, industrial flooring, and restaurants. It contains no silicone or wax elements. In addition, our sealer is highly effective for both new and old surfaces. It will work well on pavers, masonry, stone, grout, unglazed tile, and terra cotta.

Preventing Oil Stains

Imagine newly constructed homes and businesses that are protected against oil stains for 6-10 years. For existing homes and businesses, we would provide concrete cleaning before applying the sealer that protects against stains. We are excited about this new service and welcome the opportunity to speak with you personally if you have questions.

Call 281-883-8470 to receive a free estimate for PREVENTING CONCRETE OIL STAINS. Clean and Green Solutions is certified with the UAMCC.

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There are many Homeowners Associations throughout the greater Houston area. They are sometimes also referred to as Property Owners Associations. HOAs and POAs have become increasingly common throughout the US since 1964. These organizations may very well send a letter stating there are property violations. Some of these HOUSTON HOA VIOLATIONS may require professional exterior cleaning services. And you may find a picture of the HOA VIOLATION included in the letter.  Here are some of the more common HOA VIOLATIONS we correct.


This is the most common HOA VIOLATION.  Areas with little or no sunshine often have these algae stains.  Sometimes referred to as mold or mildew, these organic and biological stains are both unsightly and unhealthy.  This is why we offer stain removal service, which saves you money by not cleaning areas that do not need it.



Older model vehicles and those in poor condition often drip oil.  These stains build up quickly over time and result in negative visual impressions.  They present slip and fall hazards when wet, and can negatively impact property values.  Check out our concrete cleaning service description here.


HOA VIOLATION letters often address roof streaks and stains. Officially called Gloeocapsa Magma, this form of algae spreads naturally in the warm, humid Houston climate.  Clean and Green Solutions provides SOFT WASHING for roof cleaning to prevent any damage to the surface.  Damage often occurs from high pressure as well as inexperienced cleaning technicians walking on the roof.  In most cases, Clean and Green Solutions will not need to walk on the roof.  This is because we have professional grade equipment capable of spraying in excess of 30-40 feet.

Call 281-883-8470 for a free estimate to correct HOA VIOLATIONS.  Clean and Green Solutions is proudly certified through the UAMCC.  Subscribe to our YOUTUBE videos for more insight into pressure washing techniques and strategies.