by Angelo Angelo


In March of 2019, we provided STUCCO COMMERCIAL BUILDING PRESSURE WASHING service for Largo Medical Center.  This 230 bed facility is a public, HCA, non-profit hospital.  They just celebrated their 40th anniversary and recently started a heart failure unit as well as a liver and kidney transplant unit.  Largo Medical Center is a designated Statutory Teaching Hospital with 12 graduate medical education programs.  Accreditation is provided by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration.  When they needed their stucco building pressure washed, they reached out to Clean and Green Solutions.


We drove over 1000 miles to provide superior STUCCO COMMERCIAL BUILDING PRESSURE WASHING service because they needed the project completed in a timely manner.  While they received multiple estimates for the project, they chose us because they knew they would get incredible visual results.  It has been many years since this facility has undergone cleaning.  There were heavy stains throughout the facility, and the window stains required a high level of experience and expertise.

Professional Stucco Power Washing

When some attempt to provide COMMERCIAL BUILDING PRESSURE WASHING services, they end up getting “stuck on stucco.”  By this, we mean mistakes are made and frustration results.  We use a SOFT WASH technique so that no damage occurs to the surface.  When cleaning stucco with high pressure, paint is chipped and cracks are exaggerated.  High pressure washing also results in things like water intrusion around trim, windows and doors.  High pressure washing also leaves mold and mildew spores behind, which means stains reappear again rather quickly.  Our SOFT WASH approach kills all spores, never results in intrusion, and won’t damage the structure in any way.


Clean and Green Solutions would be glad to provide a free estimate for STUCCO COMMERCIAL BUILDING PRESSURE WASHING service.  “THE DIFFERENCE IS WORTH THE DRIVE” and perhaps you need to hire a professional with experience and expertise to experience the difference we make!  Call 281-883-8470 even if we’re over a thousand miles away for stunning visual results.  We are proudly certified through the UAMCC and welcome the opportunity to serve you in the very near future!