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If you relocate into the Houston area from another part of the county, here’s what happens.  Before you purchase a new home, many neighborhoods with HOAs ensure you agree to follow their rules.  Most agree that some of the rules can be on the ridiculous side.  Letters were mailed for HOA VIOLATIONS about grass being too tall shortly after Hurricane Harvey.  In addition, some receive letters about trash cans being out too long on trash pick up day.  GOOD GRIEF! Get a grip, right?


But there are also rules that are not so ridiculous.  These rules are meant to protect property values throughout the entire neighborhood.  They help maintain a positive visual image.  They help prevent conflict between neighbors.  And the rules are applied to all neighbors, which keeps things fair.

HOA Violations


Are you in receipt of a letter from your Homeowner’s Association? This is becoming more and more common throughout the greater Houston region.  Perhaps the letter calls out grease stains, algae on exterior surfaces, or roof stains.  The HOA is simply attempting to hold the entire neighborhood to a common visual standard.  And while we would agree some rules are ridiculous, we definitely see the value of these rules pertaining to exterior cleaning.  The entire neighborhood benefits from these kinds of rules.  People tend to take better care of their property as a direct result.  The end result is higher property values when the time comes to re-sell the home.


If you have an HOA VIOLATIONS that need to be corrected, call or text 281-883-8470.  Clean and Green Solutions is proudly certified through the UNITED ASSOCIATION of MOBILE CLEANING CONTRACTORS.  In addition, you can read and view videos about our HOUSE WASHING SERVICE HERE.