Pressure Washing Porter Texas

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Porter Texas area residents are known to love their homes and keep them properly maintained.  Our Pressure Washing Porter Texas crew has been busy keeping area homes and businesses clean for the past 10 years. Our Non Pressure House Washing Service is available when most people decide to have the exterior of their homes cleaned. […]


How do I Deodorize Sports Equipment

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Anyone that is asked the question How Do I Deodorize Sports equipment like  smelly sports equipment, bags, uniforms, shoes, skates, lockers, change rooms, etc. – and they’ll tell you, “Just Air it Out.” No matter how hard you try or what you do, the smell is overpowering.  Over the years people have tried many things […]


Kings Crossing Car Care – Great Customer Service

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You depend on your?vehicle to take you to work, church, vacations and other places you enjoy going.? In order for your vehicle to perform at peak performance you must take it in to have it serviced and maintained properly.? Clean and Green Solutions, of Kingwood Texas highly recommends Kings Crossing Car Care 281.360.2838??located at 3319 […]


How to Remove Rust Stains

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Rust Stains in concrete can be caused by a variety of reasons.  Every rust stain must be investigated to determine what caused the stain.  Once the cause has been determined, then the correct method and application for removing the rust stain can be applied.  The sooner we can get to the rust stain after it […]


Roof Cleaning Houston Texas – Kingwood Texas

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Ever looked at your roof and wonder what those ugly black streaks are It is a bacteria, called “gloeocapsamagma” that travels through the air and lands on your roof. This bacteria feeds off the moisture that your roof holds after a good rain, morning dew, or even just from shade. Some roofs will have this […]


Concrete Cleaning Kingwood Texas

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Driveways and Sidewalks, and all types of concrete, in the Kingwood Texas area get very dirty with a build up of mold, mildew, algae, and just plain ole dirt. Our Concrete Cleaning Kingwood Texas service can restore your concrete to it’s like new condition. Once these contaminants build up it can make your concrete areas very […]


Roof Cleaning Shenandoah Texas

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The shingle roof you see in these pictures, located in Shenandoah Texas, has lichen. Lichen is a fungus and algae that can cause damage to your roof.  We are often called with a request to pressure wash roofs that have lichen on them.  The problem with pressure washing a roof is that using pressure can […]


Odor Removal Honda Cars Katy Texas

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You can tell a lot about a company in how they treat their customers as well as their employees. Clean and Green Solutions was recently called out to the Honda Cars of Katy Dealership to remove a food source odor in the call room. Operations Manager Terry Druery called in to say that someone had […]


Oil Stain Removal Houston Texas

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Clean and Green Solutions of Houston Texas and Kingwood Texas has the equipment and environmentally safe cleaning products to remove even the worst of grease, oil, transmission, and other automotive fluid leaks, spills, and stains. For oil stain removal Houston Texas call or text 281.883.8470 Our environmentally safe cleaning products and procedures remove oil and grease […]


Smoke Odor Removal Houston Texas

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Clean and Green Solutions offers smoke odor removal Houston Texas services for the entire Houston Texas Area as well as all surrounding Counties. With the recent outbreak of fires in our areas, many homes have been affected by smoke odor.  Home owners are literally being forced out of their homes due to the odor caused […]