parking lot striping for commercial property

Parking Lot Striping Service

Posted On: August 6, 2018 | Categorized In: Blog

Parking Lot Striping Parking Lot Striping is one of the many services we offer to help keep commercial properties looking great! A typical parking lot line is 4 inches wide and 15 to 18 inches long. Our paint type options include oil based and latex. We always make sure we apply two coats.  This ensures […]


Whole House Pressure Washer


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PRESSURE WASHER If you are looking for a pressure washer in the Houston, Texas area, you are most likely looking to clean around your house.  Perhaps it is your pool deck that you would like to clean up because you have some stains that need to be removed.  Or maybe your driveway or sidewalks are […]


After Hours Cleaning


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AFTER HOURS PRESSURE WASHING I’m going to tell you about an experience when AFTER HOURS PRESSURE WASHING was desperately needed!  The other day, I was about to walk out the door of a popular fast foot restaurant when an employee was pressure washing the door. It was an awkward moment, and a lot of questions […]


neighbors benefit


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NEIGHBORS BENEFIT FROM YOUR CLEAN HOME YOUR BENEFITS Whenever it’s time for pressure washing at home, we are often aware of what it means for us as homeowners, but not for neighbors.  First, we will enjoy seeing the difference every time we arrive back home. Second, perhaps we will be more willing to extend entertaining […]


rust removal for facility managers

Working with Facility Managers

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WORKING WITH FACILITY MANAGERS Working with Facility Managers is something Clean and Green Solutions has extensive experience with and greatly enjoys.  We understand some of the daily pressures they face working with contractors, and our desire is to help ease their load. When it comes to exterior cleaning, Clean and Green Solutions loves Working with […]


graffitti removal

Graffitti Removal in Houston Texas

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GRAFFITTI REMOVAL IN HOUSTON TEXAS Graffitti Removal in Houston, Texas can be a difficult and challenging project, but well worth the time and investment. This is because there are many negative vibes associated with graffiti. First and most obvious, it takes away from the beauty and charm of the neighborhood. Second, the stigma that comes […]


Property Managers

Working with Property Managers

Posted On: May 30, 2018 | Categorized In: Blog

WORKING WITH PROPERTY MANAGERS Clean and Green Solutions loves working with property managers, homeowners associations, and commercial property owners. We provide exterior cleaning services for shopping center plazas, business centers, restaurants, banks, apartment and condominium complexes, pool deck and clubhouse areas, as well as neighborhood playgrounds. Our experience with property managers and HOAs has taught […]


Pressure Wash Playground Equipment

Pressure Washing Playground Equipment

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Pressure Washing Playground Equipment Have you ever considered the importance of keeping playground structures cleaned regularly?  Most people do not bother with Pressure Washing Playground Equipment because they assume rainwater and sunshine is sufficient and there really isn’t any reason for cleaning them.  However, a recent test conducted by the International Journal of Environmental Health […]


Church Pressure Washing Houston Texas

Easter Sunday Church Cleaning

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EASTER SUNDAY CHURCH CLEANING At Clean and Green Solutions, we understand the importance of Easter Sunday Church Cleaning .  More guests will be visiting your church that Sunday than any other Sunday out of the year. It’s a high and holy celebration of the most important day in the Christian faith, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And […]


Exterior Cleaning Company in Houston Texas

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EXTERIOR CLEANING COMPANY IN HOUSTON TEXAS Newcomers into the Houston, Texas area will realize fairly quickly that this area gets more than our fair share of rain throughout the year.  It is not uncommon for rain to fall for several consecutive days, not to mention the many cloudy days that come with it.  This means […]