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PRESSURE WASHING COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES Clean and Green Solutions has been PRESSURE WASHING COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES for over twenty five years.  We understand how important it is for buildings conducting business to look fresh, clean and attractive.  When commercial properties are neglected from a visual, structural and maintenance perspective, it sends a terrible message.  Potential customers and clients […]



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PRESSURE WASHING CHURCHES Clean and Green Solutions has been PRESSURE WASHING CHURCHES for more than twenty five years.  We have experience working with all denominations to beautify campuses and keep them looking fresh, bright, and attractive.  PRESSURE WASHING CHURCHES is always an exciting opportunity for our company because of the common faith in Christ that […]



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CLEANING APARTMENTS Clean and Green Solutions has been CLEANING APARTMENTS for well over twenty years.  We are proud of the way relationships form with many property managers through this specialty.  We welcome the opportunity to work closely with property managers on large projects.  Many property managers are glad to hear that we are compliance depot certified. […]


Pressure Washing District Managers


Posted On: December 16, 2018 | Categorized In: Uncategorized

PRESSURE WASHING COORDINATION WITH DISTRICT MANAGERS PRESSURE WASHING COORDINATION WITH DISTRICT MANAGERS is something we do with excellence.  Many nationally recognized brands have strategically placed DISTRICT MANAGERS who handle a certain number of properties.  This is true for a wide variety of industries such as restaurants, banks, stores, fitness facilities, automotive dealerships and services, and many […]


Commercial Building Cleaning

Posted On: July 25, 2015 | Categorized In: Blog, Uncategorized

Business owners must be concerned about the message they are sending to customers, clients and tenants.  This message comes through the visual image of their buildings. Some of the many stains commercial properties collect through years of exposure to weather elements, wear and tear of normal use, and standard deterioration over time include: rust, grease, […]


Roof Cleaning Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Posted On: December 28, 2014 | Categorized In: Blog, Uncategorized

Liberty Softwash provides excellent service and customer satisfaction for residential and commercial clients.  This is for those in need of roof and exterior cleaning in the state capital area of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Capitalize on their soft wash, low pressure cleaning technique that protects the lifespan of your roof.  It does so by gently removing stains […]


Roof Cleaning Humble Texas

Posted On: August 26, 2013 | Categorized In: Blog, Uncategorized

    We recently had the opportunity to clean this roof  and home located in Humble Texas.  When performing our roof cleaning service on this home the customer decided to do more.  They also wanted to have the exterior and driveway cleaned at that same time. Many Roof Cleaning Humble Texas customers will call us […]


Angies List founder Angie Hicks talks Roof Cleaning

Posted On: August 21, 2013 | Categorized In: Uncategorized

ANGIE’S LIST FOUNDER The accompanying article by Angies List founder Angie Hicks is extremely insightful.  Angie shows she has done her home work by talking and listening to professional roof cleaning contractors.  She discusses the cause and effects that not keeping a roof properly maintained can have. We have been teaching this to our customers […]


Roof Cleaning Alvin Texas

Posted On: August 15, 2013 | Categorized In: Blog, Uncategorized

Roof Cleaning Alvin Texas I love cleaning roofs in Alvin Texas. So often the homes are located on large pieces of property with plenty of open space. If it’s one thing I love, it’s being out in the open country. Throw in some animals like horses and cows, and a small lake, and then I […]


Kingwood Window Cleaning

Posted On: August 10, 2013 | Categorized In: Uncategorized

Kingwood Window Cleaning Window Cleaning is a chore that we often neglect or put off until it absolutely has to be done. Our Kingwood Window Cleaning service is the answer for you. We offer one time window cleaning services as well as regular maintenance window cleaning for those that want the assurance that their windows […]


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