Cleaning a Metal Roof

Posted On: February 1, 2014   Categorized In:   Blog, Roof Cleaning
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Cleaning a Metal Roof

We often get calls about Cleaning a Metal Roof and how the best way to clean one is.  Cleaning a metal roof is different than cleaning any other type of roof.  Metal roof is not near as porous as shingle or tile roofs. While we do use the same solution as other roofs, a metal roof must be rinsed thoroughly to remove the cleaning solutions prior to letting it dry.

We recently cleaned a 30,000 square foot metal roof that houses a Horse Arena.   The Algae stains had built up over a couple years, and even had caused the plastic skylights to prevent adequate sun light to get through.

Never Pressure Wash a Roof

No matter what type of roof is being cleaned, we never use a pressure washer to clean as high pressure, even at low PSI of 150 can cause damage to the roof.  Our Soft Wash cleaning method was used on this Metal Roof Cleaning and the customer was extremely pleased with the results, as you can see in the video customer review she did for us.

Due to the fact that we live in a very damp and humid environment, all roofs will accumulate Algae growth.  The only way to properly clean and remove the black stains is to Soft Wash it.  A light bleach mixture must be used in order to kill off the Algae Spores.  This will provide for a longer lasting cleaning.  This helps to prevent the Algae from returning for a few years.

Our method of cleaning roofs is the only method that is recommended by Roof Manufactures. This this is the reason we closely follow their guidelines.  Using a pressure washer can void the warranty so we never us one.

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cleaning a metal roof

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