Commercial Pressure Washing

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Commercial Pressure Washing

Before a customer enters your building, they are already sizing up your business.  In fact, what they see on the outside may affect their decision on going inside. Therefore, they may decide to take their business elsewhere. The exterior appearance of your facility is a direct reflection of your business and your values. Thus, having a Commercial Pressure Washing company maintain the appearance of your property reflects that you care about your customers and employees.

Commercial Pressure Washing

At Clean and Green Solutions, we know how important image can be for your business. We offer a wide range of exterior cleaning services. Our company offers complete exterior facility maintenance to keep your professional image looking immaculate at all times. Our Houston pressure washing service includes: power washing, gum removal, oil and grease removal, dumpster pad cleaning and degreasing, sidewalk and walk way cleaning and much more. Clean and Green Solutions is an industry leading service provider. Depend on high quality, full-service solutions for all of your commercial property cleaning needs at a cost-effective price. We back that by a complete satisfaction guarantee.

With our Commercial Pressure Washing service, you are ensured the work is performed by knowledgeable and experienced technicians.  Our extensive training and experience will transform the look and image of your property. This provides a positive and lasting impression for customers, clients and tenants using your facility. We like to say “your business is our business!”

Commercial Pressure Washing Houston

Complete Pressure Washing Maintenance Services Available

We caution relying upon cleaning contractors who lack experience and do not follow proper technique when pressure washing because the result can be damage that becomes impossible to reverse. This will result in spending thousands more dollars to replace concrete, paint, sealant and other exterior surface elements long before otherwise appropriate. Allowing inexperienced employees to pressure wash can be hazardous in many ways such as slip and fall accidents, injuries caused by flying debris, and a likelihood of damage to surfaces.

Commercial Power Washing In Houston, Texas

Call or text Clean and Green Solutions today for a free estimate for commercial pressure washing 281-326-9828. Clean and Green Solutions is a Certified Pressure Washing Company through the UAMCC.

Clean and Green Solutions is located in Kingwood, Texas and Services the entire Houston Texas area including areas such as The Woodlands, Spring, West University, Bellaire and more.


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