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Concrete Cleaning

Concrete cleaning makes your entire business look new and more inviting

Concrete surfaces should be cleaned on a regular basis. Our Concrete Cleaning Houston Texas service will keep your concrete surfaces not only looking new, but also safe and help to prevent slip and fall accidents.

When Mold and Mildew is allowed to build up, and then it get’s wet from a rain, morning dew, sprinkler systems, etc, then the surface becomes very slippery and can cause some one to slip and fall and injure themselves. When gum is allowed to build up, it can become very unsightly and makes removal harder and more time consuming. Spilled drinks, grease build up, and other things can also cause concrete surfaces to be unsafe and unsightly.

We use professional grade equipment for cleaning and restoring concrete surfaces. Having the ability to heat our water on site allows us to remove gum easily, and cut through grease and grime build up. Concrete Cleaning is not a job that can just be done with a store bought pressure washer. These can cause damage in the hands of the untrained, and often times,damage that can not be repaired.

For large concrete cleaning we use surface cleaners so that a more uniform and consistent cleaning can be provided. Once done, all the concrete looks the same, and you won’t see the tiger stripes that are caused by someone using a wand.

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