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Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal is a necessity to keep the city and surrounding areas presentable and inviting.

Graffiti can be a major problem in the Greater Houston area. If the graffiti is not removed promptly, it can cause blight; increase criminal activity in the surrounding neighborhoods; reduce property values, and give the impression that the neighborhood or business district is not committed to providing a clean and safe environment for residents and customers. Graffiti can also be a signal used by gangs marking their territory and indicating to members that this part of town is safe for them. The criminals that perpetrate this crime have no respect for public or private property.

Unfortunately for property owners, they find themselves the victim of some graffiti criminal trying to pass for an artist. As a graffiti removal service company, Clean and Green Solutionshas the technology and the experience to remove graffiti from all different types of surfaces. We use tools and techniques that are designed so that they do not harm the surface that is being cleaned but attack the graffiti with a vengeance.

In our role as graffiti removal specialists, we provide these services to anyone that has been affected by graffiti on their property. We can also apply a graffiti protectant to those locations that always seem to be targets for the graffiti thugs, thus allowing for a quicker and easier cleanup every time you get “tagged”.

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