Driveway Cleaning

Posted On: July 24, 2011   Categorized In:   Blog
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Driveway Cleaning

Clean and Green Solutions, 281.883.8470, offers driveway cleaning services at extremely affordable prices. Prices start at $175.00 for an average size driveway.  There is no reason not to have your drive way cleaned.

Our driveway cleaning service removes years of built up dirt, grime and algae.  Also, we remove 0ther harmful toxins that are being tracked into your home everyday. We use an environmentally friendly product that kills these algaes.  Then, we use our surface cleaner to completely and thoroughly clean and remove the stains.

kingwood texas driveway cleaning

Having these stains removed not only helps to keep the flooring in your home clean longer.  It helps to prevent slip and fall accidents associated with heavy build up of slippery algae on concrete.  As we all know, algae can get very slippery when wet on concrete. Having your driveway professionally cleaned and maintained allows you to have a safer home for friends and relatives that are visiting, and helps eliminate HOA violations.

If you are selling your home, increase your selling potential with the increased curb appeal by having Clean and Green Solutions professionally clean your driveway and side walks.

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Clean and Green Solutions can also remove oil stains and rust stains for an additional charge.

For FREE no obligation estimate, call Clean and Green Solutions at 281.326-9828. Clean and Green Solutions provides pressure washing services throughout the greater Houston region for both residential and commercial properties. Our passion is keeping exterior properties looking attractive and fresh while providing a superior customer service experience with prompt communication.

Clean And Green Solutions is a Certified Pressure Washing Company and has been in business for over 30 years.  We are proud to serve Kingwood Tx, The Woodlands Tx, Bellaire Tx, West University Tx, and all of Houston Tx.  We service all of Harris and Montgomery Texas

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