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Posted On: December 8, 2011   Categorized In:   Blog
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Our Graffiti Removal Houston Texas service has been busy throughout the Houston Texas area.  Unsightly tags from graffiti on Shopping Centers and neighborhood entry marker’s should always be removed immediately.  When timely graffiti removal is achieved, the motive to tag again is lowered.

Our Graffiti Removal products are very safe for the environment and are the best at removing graffiti from surfaces such as brick, stone, concrete and more.  We also have products that allow us to remove graffiti from surfaces that are soft.

Pictured here in this article is a job we recently did restoring the brick from a shopping center located in South East Houston Texas.

Our goal is to respond to any Graffiti Call with in 48 hours. Fast response times like this, will help prevent the taggers, from repeating their tagging in the same location again. Once the taggers see that you are properly maintaining your facility, then they just move to somewhere else that doesn’t.

This job was removing black spray paint from brick. When dealing with Graffiti on brick, there is no need to paint over the graffiti. We can remove it and restore the brick back to it’s original condition.

We remove Graffiti from a wide variety of surfaces, including brick, stucco, glass, vinyl, road signs and many others.

For your Graffiti Removal Services in Houston Texas Kingwood Texas and surrounding areas call Clean and Green Solutions at 281.883.8470 You can also contact us HERE for a free estimate

We are Certified Pressure Washing Company and are fully insured.


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