Graffiti Removal Services Houston Texas

Posted On: June 29, 2011   Categorized In:   Blog
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Graffiti Removal Services Houston Texas

Houston Texas Graffiti Taggers don’t stand a chance against Clean And Green Solutions.  This is because our line of  graffiti removal products are the best in the industry.  Consequently, our Graffiti Removal Services Houston Texas has been very busy this past year.

Quick removal of graffiti helps prevent future tagging and damage to the surface.  A well maintained and clean building is not what taggers look for.  When removing graffiti promptly and with success, they can no longer admire their work.

Clean and Green Solutions Graffiti Removal Services can remove graffiti from almost any type of surface.  This includes surfaces like Stucco, Brick, Traffic Signs, and Vehicles.  These are just some of the surfaces that we are very successful at removing graffiti from.


Anti Graffiti Coating is a great way to prevent surface damage from graffiti.  The coating is applied and prevents the paint for impregnating the surface.  Therefore, this allows for easier removal and no shadows.  After the graffiti is removed we simply reapply the coating to the affected areas.


Call or text us at 281-326-9828 for more information about our Graffiti Removal Services We have been servicing the Houston Texas area for over 15 years.  We also service The Woodlands, Texas, Bellaire Texas, West University Texas,  and all of Harris and Montgomery Counties.

Clean and Green Solutions provides pressure washing services throughout the greater Houston region for both residential and commercial properties. Our passion is keeping exterior properties looking attractive and fresh while providing a superior customer service experience with prompt communication. We are a Certified Pressure Washing Company.

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