Houston Texas Roof Cleaning

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When searching for Houston Texas Roof Cleaning companies it is very important to make sure you find one that only uses a Soft Wash system, and not a pressure washer.  We have been Soft Washing roofs and following manufacutre guidlines. for over 20 years

houston texas roof cleaning

Houston Texas Roof Cleaning

Recently we cleaned this Roof and as well as the Hardi Plank siding. The roof cleaning as well as the hardi plank siding were both cleaned using our Soft Wash Non Pressure cleaning method and solutions. The ugly black stains on this roof are Mold and Mildew and can cause your shingle roof to prematurely fail. One call to Clean and Green Solutions and we can clean your roof and have it back to it’s original color in just a few hours, just as we did for this Houston Texas Roof Cleaning project.

The roof you see in this picture we never even had to walk on. We were able to clean this roof while standing on the ladder and spraying it from the ladder.  The large majority of our Houston Texas Roof Cleaning jobs we are able to walk on.  But for those that are a little to steep, we have the equipment that allows to spray them from the ladder. You can see one of our Houston Texas Roof Cleaning jobs we were able to walk by clicking HERE.

roof cleaning houston

Houston Texas Roof Cleaning

As you can see, the roof was returned to it’s original color safely.  We did not use pressure and therefore, there is no risk of damage to the roof. And it was cleaned in a matter of a couple hours.  Safely with no risk of damage.   For a Free no obligation estimate for a Houston Texas Roof Cleaning call us at 281.883.8470

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