How do I Deodorize Sports Equipment

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Anyone that is asked the question How Do I Deodorize Sports equipment like  smelly sports equipment, bags, uniforms, shoes, skates, lockers, change rooms, etc. – and they’ll tell you, “Just Air it Out.” No matter how hard you try or what you do, the smell is overpowering.  Over the years people have tried many things – ozone, heavy duty deodorizers, Super Detergents, and other ideas but nothing seems to address this challenge.

We have heard of many households here in the Humble Texas Kingwood Texas and Houston Texas area where the football, basketball,baseball and other sports equipment are not allowed in the house – “Keep that smelly stuff in the garage – or in the truck – not in my house!”? If you have kids that are involved in sports, the problem only multiplies as the number of bags increases.

Never Use Chemicals to Deodorize

Well, now there is an answer!  A new product has been developed for this specific problem. Clean and Green Solutions now offers SPORTFRESH.  After years of development, testing, and field trials we have found that SPORTFRESH is a versatile, safe, CERTIFIED GREEN deep cleaning and deodorizing product that can handle the toughest perspiration odors on every sort of surface – uniforms, shoes, skates, pads, lockers, etc. It contains no harsh chemicals, solvents, or ingredients that will harm fabrics or pad surfaces.

Used by professional sports teams (NHL & CFL), our SPORTFRESH  is easy to use after a practice or game – just mix with water and spray on every surface, then allow to dry – the product removes all traces of perspiration and leaves everything smelling fresh and clean – ready to go play again.

For larger batches, you can mix up a pail of Ready to Use product and just dip everything in – then hang to dry.  The next time you want to play, everything is ready to go!  Just think of the possibilities – every smelly surface, area, bag, locker, etc. can now be clean and odor free!
Now you’ll be able to bring home your sports bag – your spouse and family will  be much more receptive when your equipment is odor-free.
You should always have some on hand – To buy some of our SPORTFRESH  just call or text us at 281.883.8470 and we’ll have it out to you as soon as possible – usually the next business day.

Clean and Green Solutions can be reached by calling or texting 281.883.8470

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