How to clean a driveway

Posted On: October 28, 2015   Categorized In:   Uncategorized
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If you were ever wondering How to Clean a Driveway, well here is how we do it.  We were out in The Woodlands Texas area of Houston last week cleaning a neighborhood of driveways for the Homeowners Association.  While cleaning I decided to pull out the camera and shoot this video in time lapse to give an idea of the kind of equipment and results we can get.  Concrete Driveways that are not cleaned on a regular basis can get quite the build up of mold, mildew, and algae stains.  When these stains get wet, the algae becomes very slippery and cause slip and fall accidents. Not only that the driveway just looks very ugly and dominates the curb appeal of the entire home. We always recommend that driveways be cleaned at least once a year for the removal of these algae stains and to keep your concrete, paver, pebble rock, tile, and other driveway surfaces cleaned.

Areas like Kingwood Texas, Spring Texas, Memorial Texas, and many other communities in the Houston Texas area have beautiful communities that are all shaded by trees.  These trees and the moisture and humid environement provide a great area for the algae to thrive and live.

Sidewalk Cleaning

Sidewalk cleaning for residential and Commercial properties are another great source for this algae and should be cleaned on a regular maintenance basis as well.  We can also seal your driveway to help preserve the concrete or whatever surface you may have, and also help to prevent the algae from building up so soon. Our driveway cleaning and concrete cleaning service is always done with the use of a surface cleaner like you see in the video.  This provides for a more uniform cleaning and prevent the striping that can occur when a pressure wand is used.  Once completed we will apply our own concrete finishing solution top help kill all the algae deep in the pores of the concrete.  This also helps the the Driveway Cleaning to last longer.  For more information or a free estimate feel free to call or text us at 2818838470. Check out more videos at our You TUBE Channel.