How To Clean Houston Texas Roof

Posted On: September 4, 2014   Categorized In:   Blog, Roof Cleaning
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How To Clean Houston Texas Roof

Yesterday we were visiting with a Houston Texas area customer about cleaning his roof.  One of the most often questions we get asked is How to Clean Houston Texas Roof.  Most customers are under the understanding that we clean them by using a pressure washer.  Years ago pressure washing a roof was an acceptable form of cleaning a roof.   Over the years though equipment and technology have proven that pressure washing a roof is no longer acceptable. Using a pressure washer will actually result in faster deterioration of roof shingles.  In addition, using a pressure washer to clean a roof can also cause an irregular cleaning pattern, often called striping.

Soft Washing Roof Cleaning Process

At Clean and Green Solutions our method of cleaning a roof is not by use of a pressure washer.  We use a non pressure cleaning method that is often referred to as Soft Washing.  Our Soft Washing method will not cause any damage to the roof.  This will also provide for a more consistent and uniform cleaning, as well as a longer lasting cleaning.  The cleaning solution we use, is the only cleaning solution that is recommended by the manufactures of shingle roofs.  Whenever we clean any surface, we always follow manufacture guidelines, and when it comes to roof washing, you can rest assured it is no different for us.


For more information on our roof cleaning services, a FREE ESTIMATE, or any questions you may have, call or text us at 281-326-9828. Clean and Green Solution is a Certified Roof Cleaning company through the UAMCC, United Association of Mobile Cleaning Contractors.

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