How to Clean Metal Roofing

Posted On: January 17, 2016   Categorized In:   Blog, Roof Cleaning
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How To Clean Metal Roofing

Through many years of washing roof’s throughout the Houston Texas area, I’ve noticed many shingle and tile roofs are being replaced with Metal Roofs.  Metal Roofs are very durable, usually out lasting shingle roofs, but still need to be cleaned.  If you ever wondered about How to clean Metal Roofing then you will find this article very helpful.

how to clean metal roofing

One of the first questions we are always asked is, can it be done using high pressure.  While high pressure could be used for cleaning a metal roof, we strongly advise against it.  Water can be forced into the seams causing  the underlying areas of the roof to become damaged.

The predominant stains on roofs are caused by alga.  It is always best to use a cleaning solution that contains bleach in it.  If bleach is not used, then the algae will return much quicker, causing more frequent cleanings.

Never Use High Pressure on a Roof

Our cleaning process is often referred to as a Soft Wash, or Low Pressure cleaning method.  Our solution is gently applied using low pressure pumps, in fact the pressure is less than what comes out of your standard garden hose.  Once applied, the algae stains are slowly changed so that they are no longer visible to the naked eye.  Once the roof has returned to it’s natural color, we then rinse using no pressure. If on occasion there are some residual stains that just won’t come out, then we will apply a little light pressure to remove them if we can safely access them.  Otherwise a few hard rain storms will remove them.

how to clean metal roofing

If you have a metal roof that needs cleaning, please call or text us at 281-326-9828 and we will be happy to provide you with a FREE  on site consultation and proposal.  We have over 30 years experience in the Exterior Cleaning Industry, and are Certified Roof Cleaners with the UAMCC.


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