How to Clean Mold and Mildew on Your Roof

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If you live in the Houston Texas area, you will notice that, over time, our roofs will develop black streaks on them. These black streaks will start out small and in a small area.  Usually at the bottom of the roof.  They will then grow vertically, up, towards the top of the roof.  Eventually these ugly black streaks will take over the roof. These black streaks will take over to the point that you can’t even tell what the original color of your shingles or tile are supposed to be. We are often asked the simple question of How To Clean Mold and Mildew on Your Roof.


How to Clean mold and Mildew on your Roof

How to Clean mold and Mildew on your Roof

Most homeowners do not even notice them.  Their are several reasons why. One is that the black streaks grow so slowly, that we don’t notice over the period of time it takes to fully engulf your roof. Second reason, we rarely even look at our roofs. Only after a big hale storm, or a very windy day to we even think to check if out roof is in good condition.

Many home owners are shocked to discover that those ugly black streaks are actually Mold and Mildew. The technical term is “gloeocapsamagma”, but basically it’s just mold and mildew.  As we all know Mold and Mildew thrives in warm, humid, damp environments.  Southeast Texas, especially Houston Texas, is the king of warm, humid, and damp environments. We also know the damage and health concerns that Mold and Mildew can cause.

How to Clean mold and Mildew on your Roof

How to Clean mold and Mildew on your Roof


Your roof is literally being eaten alive by this Mold and Mildew that is living your dirty roof.  It will also cause you to have to replace your roof sooner than later. The average cost to replace a roof in the Houston Texas area is between $5000.00 to $12,000.00.  Why replace your roof when we can clean it at a fraction of the cost.  The average price for our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Service is between $500.00 and $1200.00.  Our Roof Washing service will kill and remove ALL the mold and mildew, those ugly black streaks and stains, returning it to it’s original color and beauty, and extend the life of your roof to at or near manufacture life expectancy.


We  Never use a Pressure Washer to Clean Your Roof

To clean your roof, we use a low pressure application system, to apply our 3% Bleach based cleaning solutions.  Our cleaning solution consists of  bleach, a surfactant, (soap product), and water. The bleach kills the mold and mildew, the soap aids the bleach in cleaning, the water helps to dilute the bleach so that it poses no danger to you, your landscape, or your pets. Bleach when used properly, just like you do at home for your clothes washing or swimming pool, is one of the safest cleaning products available.  Our cleaning solution is also the only recommended solution by the Asphalt Shingles Manufacture Association for cleaning shingle roofs. In fact, it is the only method that they approve. Any other way, especially the use of a pressure washer, can void your warranty.


For a FREE no obligation quote to have your tile or shingle roof safely washed, adding years to the life of your roof and saving you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, call or text us at 281.883.8470.

If you would like to see a short video of a Roof Cleaning, just click HERE.