How to Remove Rust Stains

Posted On: October 8, 2011   Categorized In:   Blog
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How to Remove Rust Stains

There are a variety of reasons that cause Rust Stains in concrete.  It is important to investigate each stain in order to determine a cause.  Once the cause has been determined, then the correct method and application for removing the rust stain can be applied.  The sooner we get to the rust stain, the easier it is for us to remove it. So, it is vital to see the stain before it can be removed. Knowing How to Remove Rust Stains safely is ke to damaging the surface.


Rust Stains can be caused by irrigation systems, fetrilizer granules, battery acid, metals, and a host of others. A local Church here in Houston Texas recently called Clean and Green Solutions to remove rust stains.  They said the stains were caused by battery acid from a leaking golf cart. We were told the rust stains were little drops all throughout the concrete. We found that the Church had Rust Stains caused by battery acid from the golf cart. In addition, stains were found from fertilize granules that were applied with the use of a fertilizer spreader.


After applying fertilizer, the surrounding concrete was not swept or blown off properly.  Instead, the granules were left on the concrete.  Once the irrigation system was turned on to water the grass, the water and the granules caused the rust stains you see here. How To Remove Rust Stains Rust caused by Fertilizer Granules will always have a small round circle with a bleeding or running drip look that runs away from the granules in the direction that the water drains. Inside the circle you will see a small cleaner spot that was caused by the granule sitting there and not moving while it was wet.


The battery acid rust stains are much larger and are congregated in a specific area where the golf cart sat. Both of these types of rust stains are the hardest rust stains to remove. But with the right cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions, knowledge and experience, the concrete can be restored to it’s original condition. In addition, the use of a pressure cleaner, pressure washer, or any other high pressure cleaning equipment in the wrong hands can cause damage that can not be repaired.  The damage caused in this concrete can not be repaired and was performed by someone with out the proper knowledge and experience to operate the equipment. Plus, this concrete is fairly new and should never have had high pressure applied to it.  This is because it resulted in the top coat of the concrete to being removed. How To Remove Rust Stains

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