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Just wanted to take a moment to share an email I received.  It is from a customer that once lived in The Woodlands Texas, just north of Houston Texas. She rescues Greyhound Dogs and one of them was sprayed by a skunk earlier this year. She called our Odor Removal Houston service to come out and remove the skunk odor.  This is because her home was for sale and had showings scheduled.

Hi Doug,

Greetings from New Hampshire =)

A little over a year ago – while we were still living in The Woodlands Texas– our two greyhounds had gotten sprayed by a skunk in our yard.
Making matters worst – our house was for sale and I was in a state of sheer panic.

I called your Odor Removal Houston service after finding you on the internet.

You came out to the house first thing in the morning and got right to work. You promised that the smell would be gone and it was!!!!!

I was ever so very thankful for your service. At the time – you gave us a smaller concentrate bottle with the solution and a spray bottle.
Well- I’ve used it up over the course of the year on MANY different odor and stains.  This stuff is wonderful!!!

Now that I am living in New Hampshire, is this something that can be shipped?  Or are you able to recommend another distributor in our area where I could more easily purchase the product???

And – you would be correct to presume the reason I am writing this email so late at night would be….

The dog got sprayed by a skunk… again. I have just enough to give him a good dousing with a smidgen to spare…..
Unlike him -I learned my lesson this time and recognized the odor right away and was able to prevent him from
coming into the house. Although since it happened right outside one of the windows – I still had to spray that room down too.
I’ve closed it off and that seems to be keeping it from drifting through the rest of the house.

We are lucky enough to have a heated garage up here in New Hampshire – so the dog is warm and comfy – if a bit sullen
out in the garage for the night.

If you could let me know how to order – or if you could recommend a distributor in the New Hampshire area
I would love to get more of the solution.

Very Best Regards,
As you can see, she was extremely happy with our odor removal service, and in fact she was able to sell her home.

If you are having odor issues with your home or office, commercial building, church or any property, call our text our Odor removal Houston hotline at 281.883.8470. We can remove cigarette odor, skunk odor, food odor, pet odor, or just about any other odor, using our Certified GREEN odor removing product and service.

Clean and Green Solutions is based in Kingwood Texas and services the entire Houston Texas area and is a member of the UAMCC.


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