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Posted On: May 12, 2011   Categorized In:   Blog
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Clean and Green Solutions recently completed another odor removal service for a client in Humble Texas. The homeowner has been trying to sell her home. But she has been unsuccessful due to an overwhelming odor caused by cigarette smoking. We were referred by her local Century 21 real estate office.


Using our application sprayer and our Certified Green Deodorizer, we went into the home and treated all the walls, flooring, ceiling, closets, bathrooms, clothing, bed linens, drapes and furniture. We also treated the HVAC system and duct work. All of these items and surfaces will absorb cigarette odor
and must be treated.Houston Texas Odor Removal

Using our deodorizing product, along with our application method, we were able to eliminate the odor by over 95%.  In addition, a cleaning crew will follow up to treat and mop all floors and hard surfaces.  They use the same product to eliminate any residual odor.

Thus, the homeowner was extremely pleased with our service and is looking forward to her Open House this weekend.


Clean and Green Solutions can remove the strongest of odors in a matter of minutes and with very little interruption to your home or business. Furthermore, we have successfully removed odors caused by food, pets, smoke, even skunk odor from homes, vehicles, commercial offices, daycares and more.

To remove odors from a typical 2000-3000 square foot home costs under $750.00. Usually far less depending on the severity of the odor and it’s cause. Compare that to our competitors that charge into the thousands. You can see why Clean and Green Solutions is quickly becoming the preferred choice of real estate agents and homeowners alike. Couple that with the fact that we use only Certified Green Deodorizing products that are safe for you and your family, and it’s easy to see why we the Houston Texas area’s best choice for odor removal to remove any odor.Kingwood Texas Odor Removal

If you are experiencing problems with pet odors, food odors, smoke odors, cigarette odors, skunk odors or any other odor, call OR TEXT us today at 281.883.8470 for a FREE ESTIMATE. Visit our You Tube Channel for more services we offer.

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