Oil Stain Removal Houston Texas

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Oil Stain Removal Houston Texas

Clean and Green Solutions of Houston Texas and Kingwood Texas has the equipment and environmentally safe cleaning products to remove even the worst of grease, oil, transmission, and other automotive fluid leaks, spills, and stains. For Oil Stain Removal Houston Texas call or text 281-326-9828


Our environmentally safe cleaning products and procedures for Oil Stain’s reach all the way down into the pores of concrete, asphalt, and soil. This prevents the stains from seeping back to the top of the surface.


Often times using store bought de-greasers and chemicals will only add to the problem and worsen the stain.  The use of diesel gasoline should never be used to remove these types of stains.  Diesel gasoline contains a dye, usually either red or green, that can cause a shadow long after all the oil and hydrocarbons have been removed. This can actually make it look like the stain has never been cleaned. Muriatic Acid should NEVER be used to remove oil from concrete or asphalt.

Parking Lot Oil Stain Removal

Parking lot’s at shopping centers are another area that can use our Oil Stain service.  So many times we see these unsightly stains in shopping centers.  They can also become slippery when wet causing slip hazards.

Unfortunately most oil stains are not serviced until they have become very thick and it takes quite a bit of work to remove the stains.  Home and Business Owners can save money by calling us early and getting the problem taking care of quickly.  Business and Property Owners can also ask about our low cost maintenance program that keeps oil stains under control.

Click HERE to see a short video of our Oil Stain Removal service in action.

Clean and Green Solutions can be reached by calling or texting 281.883.8470 or filling out our contact form HERE.

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