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One of the battles that rages throughout the Pasadena, Texas area is the battle that property owners, both residential and commercial alike, fight over maintaining the aesthetic charm, beauty and elegance from when the building was first constructed.  Given the warm subtropical climate and the seasonal rains of the Pasadena, Texas community, plus the luscious foliage providing ample shade over large portions of the structure, this fight against algae based mold and mildew streaks and stains is not an easy battle to win.  Throw in some rust, rainwater runoff stains, and other issues created by animal life and vegetation, and you quickly conclude this is a fight better left up to professionals.

That’s where Clean and Green Solutions comes into the picture.  We have been fighting these battles every day for every twenty five years, and we welcome the challenge to help you get your property looking fresh in a like-new condition with our SOFT WASH approach to building wash.  In order to prevent damage to the roof and vertical walls of the building from high volume pressure washing, which is essentially “blasting away” not just the dirt and stain but the surface itself, our SOFT WASH method utilizes less pressure than an ordinary garden hose so that no damage occurs to surfaces that are not intended to withstand high volume pressure washing.  Many property owners may not understand that manufacturer’s warranties are instantly voided when pressure washing most roof and exterior surfaces because they are not designed to withstand such intense force and power from high volume pressure washing.

One of the things that stands out about the Pasadena, Texas area is that it played a key role in liberating Texas from Mexican rule in 1836.  After several skirmishes in and around the area, the final battle of the Texas Revolution here was the conflict that led to Mexican surrender and retreat, earning Pasadena, Texas the nickname “birthplace of Texas.”  Pasadena became another battleground against the hurricane of 1900 as residents of Galveston fled the destruction of their homes and businesses and resettled in the Pasadena area, which greatly contributed to a boom in the fruit industry from this area.  Other notable battles in Pasadena, Texas include political corruption in the 1950s and 1960s as many city officials were prosecuted and in 1965, Houston Post reporter Gene Goltz received the Pulitzer Prize for his exposure of widespread corruption in Pasadena’s city government, which led to sweeping reforms to prevent continued corruption.

So even as Pasadena, Texas is a battleground on multiple fronts, the thing we learn from Pasadena history is that no one can be successful in fighting battles alone!  And certainly, when it comes the fight of maintaining the aesthetic charm, beauty and elegance of your home or business, you cannot do it alone.  Pasadena, Texas residents understand the importance of teamwork, knowing that “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!”  Let Clean and Green Solutions be your team in the battle against the elements seeking to ruin and destroy the exterior surfaces and aesthetic beauty of your home or office.  Call today 281-883-8470 to set up a free consultation and demonstration and let us fight your clean building battles in the Pasadena, Texas region.

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