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281.883.8470 If you are thinking about having pressure washing done at your home, you may want to consider the alternative.  It’s called Soft Washing or as we like to call it Soft Cleaning.  Soft Washing or Soft Cleaning is a method of cleaning your home using very low pressure.  Using Low Pressure when pressure washing a home actually does a better job of cleaning.  AND prevents the risk of any damage to the surfaces of your home.

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It doesn’t take long to live in the Houston Texas area to find out that our homes, roof, driveways, pool decks, and patios at some point will have mold, mildew, dirt, grime,cob webs and other contaminants due to the environment we live in. Anytime a pressure washer is used to remove these, there is always a risk.  It’s a risk of damaging the surface that is to be cleaned.

Roof Cleaning is a task that should never be performed with the use of a pressure washer. Why?  Because using a pressure washer on a roof will cause the granules to become dislodged.  This will immediately decrease the  life of your roof.  Even using a pressure washer at low pressure to clean a roof will still cause damage.


At Clean and Green Solutions we clean roofs using only the approved ARMA methods for cleaning your roof. ?ARMA stands for Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association.  This association comprises the different shingle manufactures that make the shingles for our roofs.  They actually have a Technical Bulletin that strictly warns against the use of any type of pressure washing equipment and advise that the use of a Bleach solution, like we use, is the only cleaning solution to use to clean shingle roofs.

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When we clean asphalt shingle or tile roofs, we never use a pressure washer and we strictly adhere to the manufacture guidelines.  This method not only produces a better cleaning result, but it also prevents your warranty from being voided.  Yes, your shingle manufacture can and will void any remaining warranty you have if recommended cleaning guidelines are not followed.

Keeping your roof maintained and cleaned, free of those ugly black streaks that are mold and mildew, will increase the life of your roof and save you sometimes up two roof replacements. This equates to a savings of thousands of dollars.

If your thinking of having your home or roof pressure washed, have it Soft Cleaned instead.  You’ll be so much happier knowing that the surfaces of your home were protected and cared for and returned to their like new condition.

Call or Text us at 281.883.8470 if you would like a FREE quote or have any questions.  We are based in Kingwood Texas but service the entire Houston Texas area, including The Woodlands, Conroe, Spring, Huffman, River Oaks, West University and any other area.

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