Roof Cleaning Alvin Texas

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I love cleaning roofs in Alvin Texas. So often the homes are located on large pieces of property with plenty of open space. If it’s one thing I love, it’s being out in the open country. Throw in some animals like horses and cows, and a small lake, and then I won’t want to leave any Roof Cleaning Alvin Texas job we are doing.

Roof Cleaning Alvin Texas

Before-Roof Cleaning Alvin Texas

One of the great things about how we clean roofs and the products that we use is that everything is completely safe for the environment and the animals that live on your property. Whether your roof is a shingle roof or a metal roof, our Roof Cleaning process is completely safe.

We never use a pressure washer to clean roofs

I don’t care if the roof is made of asphalt shingles, tile, metal,cedar shakes, or any other material. We never use a pressure washer to clean a roof. Using a pressure washer, even at low pressure, can and does cause damage to the roofing surface.

The roofing manufactures, strictly advise against any use of a pressure washer. They also recommend that the only mixture to use is one of bleach, soap, and water. Cleaning a roof any other way could cause you to lose any warranty on your roof. We strictly follow these recommendations for roof cleaning as set forth by the manufactures guidelines.

When speaking with roof cleaning companies in the Alvin Texas area, always ask them first if they use a pressure washer for cleaning your roof. If the answer is yes, even if they “but at low pressure”, politely tell them no thanks, that’s not the way the roof is supposed to cleaned.

If you are searching for a professional Roof Cleaning Alvin Texas company, one that does not use a pressure washer, please call or text us at 281.883.8470. We will be happy to provide you with a FREE over the phone quote for your roof cleaning.

Roof Cleaning Alvin Texas

After-Roof Cleaning Alvin Texas