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Ever looked at your roof and wonder what those ugly black streaks are It is a bacteria, called “gloeocapsamagma” that travels through the air and lands on your roof. This bacteria feeds off the moisture that your roof holds after a good rain, morning dew, or even just from shade. Some roofs will have this bacteria on the whole roof, others may have it predominantly on the Northern most sides of the roof. But in any case, if you live anywhere in the Houston Texas, Kingwood Texas, or The Woodlands Texas areas, you can bet you have it. Here is a picture of a roof located in Humble Texas that we recently cleaned. One side of the roof shows the ugly black stains, the bacteria called “gloeocapsamagma”, and the other side after it has been cleaned.

Houston Texas Roof Cleaning ServiceWhy is Roof Cleaning important?

This bacteria eats away at the limestone filler in your roof shingles and causes the shingles to suffer granular loss, and then ultimately your shingles fail. Preventing and controlling this bacteria on your roof will not only prevent you from premature roof replacement, it will also prevent the bacteria from growing through your roof decking and becoming mold and mildew in your attic.

This bacteria, can and will also cause your heating and air conditioning system to work harder as it not only turns the roof a darker color, but also eats away at the UV protection built in when the shingles are manufactured.

Homeowners in Houston Texas, Kingwood Texas, The Woodlands Texas and all surrounding areas should have their attic and roof inspected by Clean and Green Solutions for the presence of bacteria, mold, and mildew. Your roof is the most expensive part of your home to replace and there is no reason why you should have to replace it when all it needs is a good cleaning.


mold in atticClean and Green Solutions NEVER uses high pressure to clean a roof. Instead, we use a safe non pressure soft wash cleaning method and, as our name says, we only use environmentally safe cleaning products that pose no risk to you, your pet’s, or your landscape.

Call us today at 281.883.8470 and we will be happy to provide you with a FREE no obligation report on the condition of your roof and attic.
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