Roof Cleaning Questions Answered

Posted On: December 16, 2012   Categorized In:   Blog, Uncategorized
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I am often asked this question by home owners, “How do I know if I need my Roof Cleaned?” Often times we homeowner’s can not tell when our roof needs cleaning because when we pull into the driveway we are just not conditioned to look at the roof. Our mind and focus is always on getting parked in the driveway or garage.

I even notice myself as I drive around the Houston Texas and Kingwood Texas areas, that I rarely look at the dirty roofs, because my mind is focused on driving.

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Mold and Mildew

The other problem is that the Mold and Mildew that is on the roof, takes it over so slowly that we rarely even notice it. Once it has taken over the roof, we just assume that that is it’s natural color.

Fortunately there is an easy way to tell whether or not your roof is infested with those ugly black stains that are caused by Mold and Mildew. The dirty roof stains will usually be worse on the North side of the house because that is the side that will get the least amount of sun, causing your roof to be damp and wet longer. The dampness, along with the least amount of sun light, is what will cause the Mold and Mildew to grow and spread faster.

These?black roof stains will usually start at the bottom, nearest the gutter line, and only grow vertically, up toward the peak of the roof.

As you take a walk around your home, look for the plumbing and vent stacks on your roof. If you notice a clean streak under them as you see in the picture here, then you need to have your roof cleaned. What is happening is that whenever it rains, the sheet metal around the vent is releasing zinc every time it rains. And the Zinc kills the mold and mildew. The clean streak underneath the vent is showing you your natural color the roof should be and will be after our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Service is performed.

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You will also find this underneath Chimney’s and along side Roof Lines that have metal flashing exposed.

Once you have ascertained that your roof needs cleaning, call or text us at 281.883.8470 and we will be happy to give you a FREE over the phone quote, or you can click on the “Request and Estimate” tab, which will contact us by email, and we’ll be happy to contact you.

Whether you live in the Greater Houston Texas area, or where we live in the Kingwood Texas area, or areas like The Woodlands Texas, Magnolia, Montgomery, or any other area, we would love the opportunity to earn your roof cleaning business.