Roof Debris Cleaning

Posted On: November 16, 2012   Categorized In:   Blog, Roof Cleaning
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 Roof Debris Cleaning

As I drive through areas like KingwoodAtascocita Humble, The Woodlands, and many other communities. I notice many homes that are in need of Roof Debris Cleaning.  So many have pine needles, leaves, sticks and even tree branches that are allowed to accumulate on roofs. Letting this debris build up on your roof can cause your shingles to deteriorate.  Moisture can get trapped underneath the debris, and this causes the shingles to actually rot. This can also happen to tile roofs as well.

It’s a only a matter of time before the moisture will begin to work on the wood decking that the shingles are attached too. So not only will you be replacing the shingles but the decking underneath, which only adds to the total expense.

Clean and Green Solutions is known for it’s Roof Cleaning Service.  This service removes those ugly black stains that are roof algae. Using our bleach based roof cleaning solution we clean many roofs throughout the Houston Texas area, returning your roof to it’s original color and adding years to the life of it. This prevents you from spending thousands of dollars to replace your roof before it is needed.

Keep your roof maintained on a regular basis

What you may not know is that we also provide roof maintenance services in which we remove all the debris from the roof, perform gutter cleaning.  We can safely remove any pine needles and leaves, sticks and branches.  This will keep your roof properly maintained throughout the year. Your roof is one of the most expensive things to replace, so it is a good idea to keep it maintained on a regular basis.roof debris cleaning

For more information on our Roof Cleaning or Roof Maintenance services, call or text us today at 281-326-9828 and we will be happy to provide you with a FREE quote.

Clean and Green Solutions is based in Kingwood Texas. We also service The Woodlands, Humble, and the entire Houston Texas area.  Please visit and subscribe to our You Tube Channel for more information.

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