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Conroe Roof Cleaning

Clean and Green Solutions is a certified source for professional roof cleaning in Conroe Texas. Clean and Green Solutions uses a soft washing method to remove built on dirt and algae from your delicate roof. Instead of premature replacement save your money and have Clean and Green Solutions wash your roof and get it looking brand new again. Call or send us a text for a free estimate on our roof cleaning or any of our other residential services.

We never use a Pressure Washer to clean your roof

Our method of cleaning roof stains is a Soft Wash cleaning method.  This method uses no damaging pressure, and in fact uses less pressure than what comes out of your garden hose for watering your yard, or washing your car. There is also no scrubbing involved.

How to Soft Wash Clean a Roof

The only proper way to clean your tile or shingle roof is to Soft Wash it.  Never allow anyone to Pressure Wash your roof or even use a pressure washer for any part of the roof cleaning process. Our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning equipment gently sprays our roof cleaning solution and then allowed to dwell and clean.

We then follow up with a couple more lighter applications until the roof is completely clean.  Rinsing the roof is not recommended as the cleaning solution will continue to work up to 48 hours after we leave.  This safe cleaning solution continues to kill the mold and mildew, and is then rinsed away with subsequent rainfall.