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Professional Power Washing Service in Katy Texas

Clean and Green Solutions is excited to provide exceptional house washing services in Katy, Texas.  Your Katy, Texas home is perhaps one of your most valuable assets, regardless of your neighborhood, the size or location, or the kind of structure it is.  Houses in the Katy, Texas area come in all shapes and colors, with a wide variety of exterior surfaces.  Whatever the shape, size, color, or surface type, every house must be washed every one to two years.  Brick, Hardie Plank, Vinyl, Metal Siding, Stucco, Dryvit, EIFS, and Wood are just a few of the surfaces that Clean and Green Solutions specializes in cleaning.  Every home in the Katy, Texas area is susceptible to algae based mold and mildew growth on the exterior surfaces.  In addition, cob webs, dirt daubers, and other organic stains can be safely cleaned and removed with our House Washing service.  In addition to the unpleasant sight this creates for you and your neighbors, this will adversely affect the value of your property over time.

We do not use pressure washing because of the damage the pressure causes to your Katy, Texas home.  Instead, we use our Soft Wash cleaning method to safely clean and remove the contaminants that build up on the exterior surface.  Our Soft Wash approach will provide a longer lasting and higher quality cleaning that will not erode or damage the surface of your home, as will be the case when using high pressure cleaning equipment.

In the beginning, Katy, Texas was only a wide open prairie providing hunting grounds for the Karankawa Indian tribes.  In the winters, great herds of buffalo and large flocks of wild ducks, geese, sandhill and whopping cranes and numerous other game birds, along with longhorn cattle, deer and wolves roamed these grounds.  The city of Katy was formally incorporated in 1945 and played a major role as a rail hub, a rice farming and agricultural center, and one of the largest gas fields in this part of Texas.  There are more than a dozen homes and buildings with historical markers throughout downtown Katy that make for a very interesting driving or walking tour to get a feel for Katy, Texas history.

Clean and Green Solutions is excited to provide commercial and residential cleaning services throughout Katy, Texas to help keep businesses thriving and the values of home properties increasing.  With over twenty five years of experience in the mobile cleaning industry, we have highly trained technicians committed to continuing education, and we insist on staying on top of the latest technological advances with our high grade, professional cleaning equipment.  Clean and Green Solutions is owned and operated by a Christian family actively involved in ministry in their church located in Humble, Texas.

Before you use the typical pressure washing service to clean your home, we recommend you do further investigation on the type of surface you have and the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning guidelines.  Then call or text us at 281-883-8470 to learn more about the Soft Wash method provided by Clean and Green Solutions in Katy, Texas.