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Professional Power Washing Service in Kingwood Texas

Clean and Green Solutions is thrilled to provide pressure cleaning and house washing services throughout the KINGWOOD, TEXAS community.  With over twenty five years of experience in the mobile cleaning industry, we provide residential and commercial building cleaning services and would welcome the opportunity to provide a free estimate on cleaning projects for your home or business.  Graffiti removal, rust stains, roof cleaning, driveways and sidewalks, pool decks and a wide variety of exterior surfaces such as exterior stucco, EIFS, dryvit, and vinyl siding all require unique techniques and approaches to cleaning in order to prevent damage to the surface.  Our professionally trained technicians possess the expertise, experience, and equipment to provide just the kind of cleaning method that is needed for your property in beautiful Kingwood, Texas.

This unique community is a 14,000 acre master-planned area named from a joint venture between the Friendswood Development Company and King Ranch that many refer to as the “Livable Forest.”   The original master plan included greenbelts, shopping centers, schools, churches, recreational facilities, riding and hiking trails, and even a boat ramp with access to Lake Houston.  Kingwood is divided up into 25 neighborhoods called “villages” with each village having its own neighborhood pool, complete with organized youth swimming teams.

This “livable forest” means many challenges for the residences striving to keep their homes and businesses looking fresh, clean, and aesthetically pleasing.  Kingwood, Texas has a very warm and humid climate, which is an environment ripe for the emergence, growth and spreading of algae based mold and mildew stains.  In addition, the large presence of beautiful trees providing spacious shade over homes and businesses only exacerbate this situation as sunlight is unable to reach large portions of the building throughout the day.  This continued moisture creates many problems beyond just the negative visual impact of neighbors, friends, and potential clients and customers who see these stains.  This moisture, if left unchecked, can eat into wood and do great structural damage, attract nuisance wildlife, damage shingles and tiles resulting in leakage, and cause other issues.

Our extensive experience in this industry gives us a highly unique perspective to spot such potential damage and prevent further erosion, while many other pressure cleaning companies tend to “blast” all the dirt away with high pressure.  This will only further the damage to the surfaces of your building, and you could end up with greater problems than before they started the project.  Clean and Green Solutions is committed to protecting the integrity and value of your property and is well acquainted with a SOFT WASH approach to roof cleaning and building wash.  We take great care and caution to walk on the roof only when absolutely necessary to ensure no damage occurs to the roof.  We use only those cleaning solutions that are not harmful to the environment and will not harm persons, pets, or plants.  This is a vitally important and critical value for the “Livable Forest” residents of Kingwood, Texas.   Call or text today 281-883-8470.