Skunk Odor Removal Spring Texas

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Clean and Green Solutions has had many calls recently to remove many different odors from homes. While most of our calls have been to remove odors associated with cigarette odor, food odor, and pet urine odor, we have been getting a lot of calls lately to remove odors associated with Skunk Odor.  Our Skunk Odor Removal Spring Texas unit,  especially in The Woodlands Texas, and other areas of Houston Texas has been really busy.

Here are a few things to consider when dealing with skunks and removal of skunk odors:

If you have pets such as cat’s and dog’s be sure to keep their food up and not let it sit outdoors at night. Skunks love pet food.

Skunks come out only at night, if you see one during the day, it should be considered as rabid.

Most of our calls for removing skunk odor from homes have been for Dog’s that have been let out at night to do their nightly business in a fenced in backyard. Once done the Dog comes back to the door and the owner lets the Dog in.  As soon as the Dog runs in the house is when the owner notices the smell. The Dog’s natural reaction to being sprayed is to rub the area (usually the face) that has been sprayed in his or her dog bed, carpeting, bed linens, couches, etc.  Anywhere soft that the animal can rub it’s skin.

Skunk Odor Removal Spring Texas

Skunk Odor Removal Spring Texas

The best thing you can do as soon as you notice the smell is to retrieve your pet and place it back outside on a leash and leave it until you can deal with the odor. The longer you leave the pet inside your house the worse the odor will get.

Getting Rid of Skunk Odor

 Call us at 281.883.8470 as soon as you possibly can. Our Skunk Odor Removal Service will remove skunk odor from your home and pet immediately. We can give you a quote right over the phone based on a few simple questions that we will ask you.  The use of store bought air fresheners like Fe breeze or Lysol are in our opinion strongly discouraged as they can only add to the problem. We have had many home owners try the many different methods advised on the internet and none seem to work satisfactorily.  The use of concoctions like tomato juice and salt, vinegar, and others just don’t seem to work.

How to get rid of Skunk Odor

Here is how we remove skunk odor: Upon our arrival we furnish you with our product “Super Fresh” so that you can begin the process of bathing your pet and removing the skunk odor from your pet. While your doing that we go through your home using our “Super Fresh” and completely spray everything in your home including but not limited to your furniture, drapes, bed linens, clothing, walls, flooring and even you HVAC system. Our “Super Fresh” product is a CERTIFIED GREEN deodorizing and cleaning product that kills and removes the odor immediately. In some worst case scenarios when the pet has been left in the home for an extended period of time the odor may take a few hours to totally dissipate. Upon completion of our work we leave you with a small 8 ounce sample of the “Super Fresh” product for future use along with complete instructions.

Clean and Green Solutions can be reached by calling or texting 281.883.8470


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