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Slate Roof Cleaning Memorial Texas

Posted On: December 11, 2015 | Categorized In: Blog, Roof Cleaning

Slate Roof Cleaning Memorial Texas Memorial Texas has an interesting history. In the 1930’s, wealthy people had large home plots with horse stables to support the very popular horseback riding activity. As time passed though, the owners decided to sell these stables and replace them with houses. It was in the 1950’s that exceptional development […]


Slate Roof Cleaning Houston Texas

Posted On: October 31, 2015 | Categorized In: Blog, Roof Cleaning

Slate Roof Cleaning Houston Texas It’s amazing to stop and think about Slate Roof Cleaning Houston Texas and what is underneath the surface. Clays and poorly cemented sands go several miles deep, as the region’s geology developed from river deposits formed from the erosion of the Rocky Mountains. These sediments consist of a series of […]


Certified Roof Cleaning

Posted On: November 24, 2012 | Categorized In: Blog, Roof Cleaning

Certified Roof Cleaning Clean and Green Solutions is proud to be a Certified Roof Cleaning contractor by the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners.  This well tested certification covers safety and technique standards.   It gives our customers confidence that we possess proper training and education.  Thus, our certification includes asphalt shingle, tile, metal, and […]


Houston Texas Roof Cleaner

Posted On: September 28, 2012 | Categorized In: Blog, Roof Cleaning

Houston Texas Roof Cleaner Professional Houston Texas Roof Cleaner services are performed without the use of a pressure washer.  The manufacture of your shingles can void the warranty if cleaned using a pressure washer.  So make sure your roof is cleaned by a certified roof cleaning company like us. Old video so turn down the […]


Humble Texas Roof Cleaning

Posted On: June 4, 2011 | Categorized In: Blog, Roof Cleaning

Humble Texas Roof Cleaning The black streaks that you see on this roof are caused by an algae. This algae can be spread by wind and animals.  What starts as a tiny little dot will quickly grow to an ugly black streak and will eventually take over your roof. This is especially true on the North […]


Houston Roof Cleaning

Posted On: March 26, 2011 | Categorized In: Blog

Houston Roof Cleaning Our Houston Roof Cleaning Service removes those ugly black stains that build up over time and cause your home to lose it’s curb appeal. Those ugly black streaks are an algae and can cause your roof to fail due to the algae feeding off the limestone filler. Most often you will notice […]


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