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Clean and Green Solutions is proud to provide a wide variety of commercial property exterior cleaning services.  Some these include building cleaning, concrete cleaning, graffiti removal, and commercial pressure washing.  But COMMERCIAL ROOF CLEANING is one of those services your business can’t do without.  This is because the roof forms the first impression for many potential customers and clients as they drive by and look at your facility.


This particular type of roof seems to collect larger volumes of black algae.  If left unchecked, this heavy algae presence can wreak havoc and result in costly roof repairs.  It can actually get in between the seams and deteriorate the integrity of the sealant. In addition to this, algae absorbs the heat from the UV rays rather than reflection when the surface is clean.  This means the air conditioning unit will need to work harder, resulting in higher electricity costs.  So our commercial roof cleaning service will save you thousands of dollars over the long run.


Most roofing material comes with a warranty of some sort.  This warranty usually lasts on average 15 years.  However, cleaning and maintaining the roof integrity is critical to keeping the warranty from becoming void.


Your first step toward our commercial roof cleaning service is to schedule a FREE consultation.  We will visit the property and perform an inspection.  Then, we will discuss the condition of the roof and the type of roofing material.  We can also make recommendations for other areas in need of exterior cleaning.  Call or text 281-883-8470 to schedule a free commercial roof cleaning consultation today!  Our affiliation with the UAMCC provides the kind of credentials that demonstrate our expertise in this area.  With over twenty five years of experience in this industry, we’re a company you cant trust.

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Clean and Green Solutions has been providing KINGWOOD STUCCO CLEANING service for over two decades.  In fact, we have trained hundreds of professional pressure washing start up companies.  The video below is actual footage of KINGWOOD STUCCO CLEANING where we provided hands-on, practical training on site.


The key to KINGWOOD STUCCO CLEANING is to ensure this surface is not pressure washed with high volume blasting which will damage the surface.  We use a soft wash approach with less pressure than what results from an ordinary garden hose.  Then, a professional grade cleaning detergent gently penetrates and lifts stains upon application.  A follow up light rinse removes stains and immediately kills all mold and mildew spores.  In addition, we specialize in removing challenging and difficult stains.  Rust, grease, graffiti, gum removal, and gutter brightening are just a few examples of additional services we provide.



KINGWOOD STUCCO CLEANING service is available for both residential and commercial properties.  Stucco typically covers surfaces that are not visually appealing such as metal or concrete.  This means there are many homes and businesses with a stucco finish in Kingwood, Texas.  Homeowners will appreciate our service because they will enjoy the stunning visual results.  All of our customers affirm that it makes their homes look new again!  Business owners will benefit from our service because a fresh, attractive building will draw in more customers and clients.


Our KINGWOOD STUCCO CLEANING service is ideal for this beautiful community residents know as a “livable forest.”  Sporting a very warm and humid climate, conditions result in the spreading of algae based mold and mildew stains.  Add the large presence of sprawling trees casting much shade means sunlight is restricted, so more mold and mildew spread.  Not only does it leave a negative visual impression, structural compromise and damage are a natural result if without adequate attention.


We are always glad to provide a free estimate or on site consultation for your consideration.  Call or text 281-883-8470.  Clean and Green Solutions is fully insured and proudly certified through the UAMCC.


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In March of 2019, we provided STUCCO COMMERCIAL BUILDING PRESSURE WASHING service for Largo Medical Center.  This 230 bed facility is a public, HCA, non-profit hospital.  They just celebrated their 40th anniversary and recently started a heart failure unit as well as a liver and kidney transplant unit.  Largo Medical Center is a designated Statutory Teaching Hospital with 12 graduate medical education programs.  Accreditation is provided by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration.  When they needed their stucco building pressure washed, they reached out to Clean and Green Solutions.


We drove over 1000 miles to provide superior STUCCO COMMERCIAL BUILDING PRESSURE WASHING service because they needed the project completed in a timely manner.  While they received multiple estimates for the project, they chose us because they knew they would get incredible visual results.  It has been many years since this facility has undergone cleaning.  There were heavy stains throughout the facility, and the window stains required a high level of experience and expertise.

Professional Stucco Power Washing

When some attempt to provide COMMERCIAL BUILDING PRESSURE WASHING services, they end up getting “stuck on stucco.”  By this, we mean mistakes are made and frustration results.  We use a SOFT WASH technique so that no damage occurs to the surface.  When cleaning stucco with high pressure, paint is chipped and cracks are exaggerated.  High pressure washing also results in things like water intrusion around trim, windows and doors.  High pressure washing also leaves mold and mildew spores behind, which means stains reappear again rather quickly.  Our SOFT WASH approach kills all spores, never results in intrusion, and won’t damage the structure in any way.


Clean and Green Solutions would be glad to provide a free estimate for STUCCO COMMERCIAL BUILDING PRESSURE WASHING service.  “THE DIFFERENCE IS WORTH THE DRIVE” and perhaps you need to hire a professional with experience and expertise to experience the difference we make!  Call 281-883-8470 even if we’re over a thousand miles away for stunning visual results.  We are proudly certified through the UAMCC and welcome the opportunity to serve you in the very near future!



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Stucco Cleaning Houston Texas

Stucco Cleaning Houston Texas

Stucco Cleaning Houston Texas is one of the services we offer that you may need.  This safe cleaning process allows us to remove even the most stubborn stains without damaging the surface.  Using high pressure  can cause significant damage that often times cannot be repaired.  Therefore, I strongly recommend always using a professional company like ours. Extensive experience and proper equipment are requirements to achieve results you desire without damage.

The Houston Texas region has many different types of stucco on homes and buildings.  Each type requires different treatment.  This is because you cannot clean all surfaces using traditional power washing methods.  When hiring an exterior pressure washing company, accepting the lowest bid is not always wise.  In addition, it can lead to more costly repairs after the job is complete.  This is due to the person or company doing the work not having the proper education and experience.  Then, to top it off, the person or company does not have the proper insurance. This leaves the property owner to foot the bill for the repairs.  See our article HERE on proper pressure cleaning insurance.

Certified Pressure Washing Company

In conclusion, all of our cleaning technicians are properly trained to clean a wide variety of different surfaces.   This gives you the peace of mind that your property will be cleaned safely and without damage.  Our company is also a Certified Pressure Washing company through the UAMCC.

Stucco Cleaning Houston Texas

Stucco Cleaning Houston Texas

The picture in this article is a before and after cleaning of a recent Stucco Cleaning Houston Texas job we performed.  We were able to safely clean and restore the stucco, using our low pressure soft washing methods.  This returns the stucco to its like new, original condition.

For all your Houston Texas Pressure Washing services, please call or text us at 2818838470.  We will be glad to provide you with a FREE on site consultation and estimate.


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Pressure washing funeral homes is one of the unique projects Clean and Green Solutions enjoys. Having grown up in the church and presently leading in ministry, we understand the needs of funeral homes. Funeral Home Directors are great to work with, and staff is always helpful and highly professional. When pressure washing funeral homes, we provide for the following important factors, helping us to stand out!


Schedule planning with funeral homes must remain flexible. Whenever a death occurs, the family meets with the Director to make arrangements for the service. There will be last minute cancelations and changes because these are important events.  A cleaning crew must not be present during funeral services. Funeral Home Directors have our utmost respect in the work they perform with grieving families. It is never a problem to reschedule an exterior cleaning project so that families suffering loss are the highest priority. In fact, it may require rescheduling multiple times before it can be completed. This is completely appropriate when cleaning funeral homes and cemeteries.


A complete and thorough inspection must be performed before exterior cleaning begins. Particularly when it comes to a mausoleum, it is imperative that water does not leak where it does not belong. Soft washing grave markers, retaining walls, statues, bridges and other decorative pieces requires extraordinary caution when assessing their condition. An in depth inspection must determine the method, approach, and cleaning solutions used for these very special properties.


Many of the surfaces on funeral home and cemetery properties are unique. Marble, sandstone, limestone, granite and many other surfaces are not typical on other properties. These unique surfaces require an extra level of expertise and might be in need of repair before cleaning. Years of neglect sometimes result in hairline fractures and heavy biological growth. All of these important factors must be taken into consideration before power washing can be properly and safely completed. We are ready for these unique surfaces when pressure washing funeral homes and cemeteries.


When pressure washing funeral homes, it is a given that there will not be a service when scheduled to clean. However, families may still be on property visiting a gravesite. For this reason, there are several things we keep in mind. First, we make sure our appearance is professional and respectful. While we can’t wear a suit when cleaning, we are mindful that our appearance must be appropriate for the grounds. Secondly, we keep noise to an absolute minimum. Thirdly, we would make sure the needs of visiting families come first. We consider this a part of the exceptional customer service experience we strive to provide. Finally, we are very mindful to keep our vehicles only on portions of the property where appropriate.

Pressure Washing Funeral Homes is always a personally fulfilling and rewarding opportunity for our company. It is not something we take lightly because of the extraordinary work they accomplish. Call or text 281-326-9828 for a free estimate for pressure washing funeral homes.