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SHOPPING CENTER PRESSURE WASHING is one of the specialty commercial property services we provide.  Some of the most common things we see and either clean or remove include gum deposits and tire marks.  Of course, high traffic sidewalks always come back to like with our pressure washing service.  Roof cleaning, building wash, parking lot striping and much more are ways we can improve the visual impression of your property.


As is the case in this video, we often see attempts at do it yourself pressure washing end up looking worse than before.  Many times either owners or staff will rent or purchase a small pressure washer hoping to make things look better.  But they don’t have the expertise, training, or knowledge for such a project.  They also don’t have the professional grade cleaning solutions and detergents shopping center pressure washing projects require.  There is so much more to exterior cleaning than just grabbing the cheapest pressure washer you can find.


This is why we always recommend hiring a professional service over trying to do it yourself.  In addition to our cleaning detergents, we have professional grade equipment.  The values of this equipment is at least $50,000 and includes soft wash systems for vulnerable surfaces.  If you use a high volume pressure washer without training, you’ll end up causing damage.  Paint will peel and crack and water will intrude in places is doesn’t belong.  And most if the time, it isn’t pressure that you need to remove the stain.  It’s professional grade cleaning solution applied property for that surface and stain.  This takes years of training and experience to accumulate over time.


Call or text 281-883-8470 today for a free shopping center pressure washing estimate.  Check out our professional credentials through the UAMCC.  And if you would d like to learn more about us, click here.


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Clean and Green Solutions is proud to assist businesses with COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING IN PORTER TEXAS! We have extensive experience with exterior cleaning of buildings such as restaurants, shopping plazas, gas stations, and office suites.  In addition, banks, attorney offices, churches and funeral homes, as well industrial warehouse complexes are right up our alley.  There are many advantages to regularly scheduled COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING IN PORTER TEXAS.


First, COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING IN PORTER TEXAS results in much improved visual appearance, attracting more customers and clients.  When people see a dirty property, they tend to have negative impressions about the business.   COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING IN PORTER TEXAS means projecting an image of excellence in the community on the part of your business.


Secondly, COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING IN PORTER TEXAS means employee morale improves because of the attractive appearance they see upon arrival.  Consider all the dark tire stains in the parking lots from heavy traffic use.  Notice the dark stains on sidewalks and entry areas into the building.  Is the building itself covered with stains?  The dark and dingy appearance leaves a depressing mood for employees that come in and out of the property everyday.  But a freshly cleaned property projects bright and clean feelings that lifts spirits and inspires confidence.  This results in higher motivation and appreciation for the daily work they perform there.

Finally, COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING IN PORTER TEXAS saves money, increasing profitability.  Without regularly scheduled pressure washing, premature roof replacement will occur.  Your building will need painting much sooner.  And the parking lot will need to be re stripped.  But the roof, paint or other building surfaces, and parking lot stripes will look great over time with pressure washing.  Let CLEAN AND GREEN SOLUTIONS save you money with COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING IN PORTER TEXAS!  We are proudly certified through the UAMCC.

So call or text 281-883-8470 for a free estimate on a one time project, or for an annual cleaning maintenance plan.

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Pressure Washing Storage Facilities


When it comes to Pressure Washing Storage Facilities, Clean and Green Solutions knows the unique challenges. With over twenty five years of experience in the industry, we have extensive experience with commercial and residential properties. Pressure Washing Storage Facilities throughout the Houston region is one of our specialties because of all the we have to offer.  We contribute to customer retention and attraction by providing superior cleaning with stunning visual results.  So here are the most important things to remember when Pressure Washing Storage Facilities.


Storage facilities provide space for highly valuable articles.  Pressure Washing can result in water intrusion into the units, which may damage furniture and other precious family treasures.  Because of this, Clean and Green Solutions will always use a SOFT WASH approach.  Water will fall softly and slowly to the ground, rather than unintentionally being forced into units.  This is a highly typical mistake inexperienced cleaning contractors make when Pressure Washing Storage Facilities.


Many storage facilities have metal buildings with aluminum doors.  Stucco and concrete are other common surfaces found on storage facility properties.  We have found the most common stains are rust, oxidation (white, chalky substance) and mildew.  In addition, tire marks, oil drip, and dirt daubers must be mitigated.  For all of these challenges and many more, we have unique cleaning agents to completely remove these stains.

ssure Washing Storage Facility


We have discovered that storage facility managers care deeply about their properties.  In addition to retention and attraction of customers, they are protecting many highly valuable assets.  This unique burden gives them a perspective others never consider.  They will certainly provide more insight, detail, and important factors to remember when Pressure Washing Storage Facilities.  It is very important to take time to listen to every piece of information they provide.  Meet with them personally, take detailed notes, and make sure you follow their instructions fully.

Clean and Green Solutions is proudly certified with the United Association of Mobile Cleaning Contractors.  We look forward to pressure washing storage facilities throughout the greater Houston region!  Call or text 281-883-8470 to schedule a meeting and arrange for a free estimate.  You can find a summary of our services on a LinkedIn article here.

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Parking Lot Striping Service

Parking Lot Striping

Parking Lot Striping is one of the many services we offer to help keep commercial properties looking great! A typical parking lot line is 4 inches wide and 15 to 18 inches long. Our paint type options include oil based and latex. We always make sure we apply two coats.  This ensures appropriate thickness (15 mils) that also maximizes longevity. Whether your lot involves straight in parking, angled parking or parallel parking, we can get the job done! We are always fully aware of city zoning requirements for the three different sizes of parking spots. Standard, handicap, and compact each have various dimensions and measurements. The aisle way in between parking stalls falls in the 22-24 foot range.


For newly constructed properties, we provide NEW LAYOUT parking lot striping. This is an exciting occasion for new businesses, retail centers, apartment and condominium complexes, medial offices, and industrial centers. We have the professional grade equipment, experience, and trained staff ready to deliver stellar precision results as you prepare for opening!


For existing properties, we provide RESTRIPE parking lot striping. This is our most common parking lot striping service and combines well with power cleaning service. This “one two punch”, pressure washing following by fresh paint striping, leaves an existing property looking so much better, brand new, in fact! Customers, clients, patients, and the general public notice the incredible visual difference.  They are magnetically drawn into the property because of the message of excellence this conveys.


For newly resurfaced properties, we provide RESURFACED RESTRIPE. In this scenario, though the building is not new, the asphalt or concrete is. There is no visual layout of the lot once resurfacing occurs, so we follow the same process as new layout striping. Plans and drawings are required for resurfaced restripe.

In addition, we are highly familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The code written for handicap parking areas is very specific and we take great care and concern to follow all regulations.  In addition to standard colors such as white and yellow, we are well equipped for all unique colors. Designated areas might require red, blue, black or orange.  We can provide any color your need!

For a free estimate on your commercial property parking lot striping project, call or text 281-883-8470.


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I’m going to tell you about an experience when AFTER HOURS PRESSURE WASHING was desperately needed!  The other day, I was about to walk out the door of a popular fast foot restaurant when an employee was pressure washing the door. It was an awkward moment, and a lot of questions ran through my mind.

Why is he pressure washing the door right now? Is he going to stop so I can get out? Am I supposed to go out a different door? How wet is it out there? Is it wet at the other door too?  Am I going to soak my shoes and track mud into my car? As I’m standing there considering the myriad of possibilities, I must confess my frustration grew. The prospect that my food might grow cold trying to figure it all out made it worse.

Customer Frustration

Any business that conducts pressure washing on their facility during business hours should think again.  It is bound to create unnecessary customer frustration for a variety of reason.  First, the path that they take is most likely going mean some sort of detour around the area being cleaned.  Time, more so than money, is considered by most their number one commodity.  In other words, they would rather you waste their money than their time!  Secondly, they will become burdened because of safety concerns. Things like tripping, slipping and falling due to hoses, puddles, wet shoes, and slick surfaces will be on their mind.  Another source of frustration is whether they or their vehicle ends up getting wet from spray, especially on a windy day.  With as much frustration as they experience, it would be a miracle if they ever return to do business there again.

After Hours Cleaning

Clean and Green Solutions is highly aware of these conflicts that arise when pressure washing commercial properties.  This is why we offer after hours pressure washing.  Depending on business hours, we schedule the work so that customer traffic is not impeded, frustration is avoided, and business is not adversely affected.  Our main priority is to clean in such a way that more customers and clients are ATTRACTED by stunning visual results, NOT TURNED AWAY by frustration and headaches from inconvenient cleaning projects.  This might mean working late evening into early morning hours, or scheduling work on weekends.

Some businesses remain open 24 hours and in that case, we are committed to working with leadership to schedule cleaning at least peak times.  For example, the ideal schedule for cleaning most hotels is mid-week 10 am-3pm, which is after check out and before check in.  This represents the time frame when customers are least impacted by a pressure cleaning project.  Our technicians understand from their first day of employment that flexible scheduling is what it takes to succeed in this industry!  Call or text 281-326-9828 to schedule AFTER HOURS CLEANING on your commercial property today!  We invite you to subscribe to our YOUTUBE channel for other great pressure washing insights!