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Clean and Green Solutions is proud to provide a wide variety of commercial property exterior cleaning services.  Some these include building cleaning, concrete cleaning, graffiti removal, and commercial pressure washing.  But COMMERCIAL ROOF CLEANING is one of those services your business can’t do without.  This is because the roof forms the first impression for many potential customers and clients as they drive by and look at your facility.


This particular type of roof seems to collect larger volumes of black algae.  If left unchecked, this heavy algae presence can wreak havoc and result in costly roof repairs.  It can actually get in between the seams and deteriorate the integrity of the sealant. In addition to this, algae absorbs the heat from the UV rays rather than reflection when the surface is clean.  This means the air conditioning unit will need to work harder, resulting in higher electricity costs.  So our commercial roof cleaning service will save you thousands of dollars over the long run.


Most roofing material comes with a warranty of some sort.  This warranty usually lasts on average 15 years.  However, cleaning and maintaining the roof integrity is critical to keeping the warranty from becoming void.


Your first step toward our commercial roof cleaning service is to schedule a FREE consultation.  We will visit the property and perform an inspection.  Then, we will discuss the condition of the roof and the type of roofing material.  We can also make recommendations for other areas in need of exterior cleaning.  Call or text 281-883-8470 to schedule a free commercial roof cleaning consultation today!  Our affiliation with the UAMCC provides the kind of credentials that demonstrate our expertise in this area.  With over twenty five years of experience in this industry, we’re a company you cant trust.

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Our professional ROOF CLEANING KINGWOOD service will benefit each and every homeowner and business owner in a number of ways.  The warm and humid south Texas climate results in roof deterioration regardless of the type of roof you have.  Many roofs undergo replacement at the 7-12 year interval.  Yet in reality, they can last up to 20 years or more.  Having our professional ROOF CLEANING KINGWOOD service at regular intervals helps tremendously.  It will result in considerable savings and maximize the lifespan of the roof.


Homeowners benefit from ROOF CLEANING KINGWOOD service first and foremost by the aesthetic beauty a clean roof adds to your home.  One of the first things guests and neighbors notice is those dark, black ugly streaks and stains that literally altar of the color of the roof.  Another benefit is the favorable effect a clean roof has on property values.  You are in a much better position of strength for resale after our ROOF CLEANING KINGWOOD service.  Another benefit is lower energy costs as dark stains on roof areas absorb heat which then transfers into the house.  Your clean roof may inspire neighbors to maintain their roof, which is then a property value benefit for everyone!


Business owners send a message daily to potential customers and clients through the exterior condition of their building.  ROOF CLEANING KINGWOOD service should be a top priority for each business owner because the message it sends is about your commitment to excellence.  If the visual image of the facility is marked by dark streaks and stains, the public will think twice about coming in to do business there.


Our ROOF CLEANING KINGWOOD service utilizes a SOFT WASH cleaning method.  We never recommend allowing anyone to pressure wash a roof for a variety of reasons which include damage to the roof itself, safety concerns, and inefficient results.  Our SOFT WASH method is much more highly effective because it removes streaks and stains without removing the actual roof shingle elements.


We welcome the opportunity to provide a FREE ESTIMATE upon request.  Just call or text 281-883-8470.  Clean and Green Solutions is fully insured and proudly affiliated with the UAMCC.

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Clean and Green Solutions has been PRESSURE WASHING CHURCHES for more than twenty five years.  We have experience working with all denominations to beautify campuses and keep them looking fresh, bright, and attractive.  PRESSURE WASHING CHURCHES is always an exciting opportunity for our company because of the common faith in Christ that we share.  In fact, all of our company leaders are very active in leading ministries in their local congregations.


Churches have some of the standard needs found when cleaning other commercial properties.  Services such as roof cleaning, building wash, concrete scrubbing and parking lot re striping are standard examples.  But there are also unique facility needs to consider when PRESSURE WASHING CHURCHES.  Steeples, prayer gardens with decorative pavers, crosses and other monuments, as well as playgrounds come to mind. Because of our own involvement in ministry and deep admiration for the church, we clean churches with great care.  We understand the unique facility needs and the spiritual dynamic at work in a church.


Sometimes churches face budget shortfalls. This can result in their entire campus, inside and out, falling into disrepair.  Volunteer members sacrifice their time and talent to keep things operational, but it’s usually more than volunteers can keep up with.  And while complete renovation may be cost prohibitive, you can certainly maintain a clean campus affordably. PRESSURE WASHING CHURCHES should be a priority in the budget planning process.  This will send the right message to the community of your commitment to excellence and create an attractive witness.

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There are critical annual seasons when PRESSURE WASHING CHURCHES is most vital.  These three annual time frames are ideal to schedule exterior cleaning projects.  First, Easter Sunday is important because of the typical increase in number of guests that visit services.  Secondly, just before Fall kick off in July or August is also an important season to evaluate for exterior cleaning.  And finally, of course the Thanksgiving/Christmas season is an important time for this because of additional services and activities.


Every church is different, and this is why every estimate we provide is customized.  The services that are needed, the size and height of the area being cleaned, the degree of dirt, grime and stain build up and other factors all result in a unique, customized proposal.  We strive to provide superior quality cleaning by delivering stunning visual results.  In most cases, we can make any exterior surface look almost new again. We always provide prompt and courteous communication and plan projects when most convenient, which includes weekend and over night.


For a free, customized estimate for PRESSURE WASHING CHURCHES, call or text 281-883-8470.  Clean and Green Solutions is FULLY INSURED proudly certified through the UAMCC.



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Commercial Roof Cleaning is one of the services we provide for commercial buildings.  Many commercial buildings choose this roof product for energy savings and affordability.  In fact, it is a bright white roof and is available in different types.  Usually, it’s either Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) or Ethelyne Propylene Diene Terpolymer (EPDM).  TPO MEMBRANE ROOF CLEANING is in high demand.  This is because it is one of the fastest growing commercial roofing systems available today.


Expertise and experience are quintessential for TPO MEMBRANE ROOF CLEANING.  Without these, it would be extremely easy to cause damage to the roof.  In addition, it is very slippery when wet.  So fall safety requirements must be followed.  And fall safety equipment must be used. Make certain this type of  never involves high pressure.  This will certainly result in damage to the membrane surface.  We always use a SOFT WASH method for roof cleaning of every type.  In addition, we take every precaution to protect the environment, and follow all state and local regulations.



Your roof cleaning’s should be scheduled at regular intervals.  Thus, specific location factors will determine how often to perform cleaning.  So these factors include level of environmental contaminants and rainfall frequency.  In addition, slope and drainage issues are also important considerations.  Plus foliage level and other factors determine dirt and dust accumulation.  All of these combined pieces determine schedule need from annual to quarterly.


TPO MEMBRANE ROOF CLEANING keeps the roof white over time.  This keeps maximum reflectivity at work which is directly related to energy conservation and cost savings.  Allowing dirt and debris to remain over time provides energy for algae and other plant growth.  These things end up providing food sources for birds, other animals and rodents.  The membrane surface soon sustains damage without protection and prevention from regularly scheduled cleanings. Regularly scheduled cleaning’s is vital to achieve maximum life span, protecting this investment for many years.

Contact Clean and Green Solutions today for TPO MEMBRANE ROOF CLEANING.  Call or text 281-883-8470  for a free estimate.  Clean and Green Solutions is certified through the UAMCC.