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Clean and Green Solutions has provided exterior MEDICAL FACILITY CLEANING on hundreds of occasions.  So from large hospital properties to smaller medical complexes and offices, our service is unparalleled.  Due to our superior service, we were called upon to provide MEDICAL FACILITY CLEANING OUT OF STATE.  Thus, this project required over 2000 miles of travel.  This is because high quality MEDICAL FACILITY CLEANING is hard to find.  One of the unique challenges we conquer on this project is window stains that are many years old.


Exterior MEDICAL FACILITY CLEANING means surfaces in need of cleaning that run the gamut.  So this means there are sidewalks and parking areas to consider.  Perhaps there are picnic areas or employee break spaces with outdoor furnishings or wooden structures.  The facility itself might be brick, vinyl, concrete or stucco, and usually has many windows. Commercial Building Cleaning also includes possible roof cleaning. We provide exceptional commercial building roof cleaning service regardless of the height, size, pitch or slope.  And we clean all types of roofing systems.  In order to prevent damage, we utilize a SOFT WASH method of cleaning building and roof surfaces.


We work closely with facility staff leaders to meet or exceed all scheduling priorities . MEDICAL FACILITY CLEANING might require working after hours to ensure patient traffic is not affected.  In other cases, we may cordon off certain portions of the property.  Thus, pedestrian and foot traffic flow remains safe and efficient.  As always for any property we service, precautions are taken to protect plant life and the environment as a whole.  In fact, you can be confident that we follow all local, state and federal regulations.

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One of our core values is making sure all communication with staff leadership is thorough, precise, prompt, clear and complete.  Thus, we provide a full and detailed written estimate free of charge for consideration and review.  We understand there may be multiple staff leaders involved in the decision making process for MEDICAL FACILITY CLEANING.  That is why communication is such a vital piece and something we work tireless to perfect.  We communicate in many ways and will utilize client preferences.  Whether by phone, email, text, or even though our customer service portal, we always respond quickly to every inquiry.  Communication excellence is a top priority and a major commitment for our entire team.


Contact us today for a MEDICAL FACILITY CLEANING project estimate.  Call or text 281-883-8470 or contact us HERE.  Clean and Green Solutions is certified through the UAMCC.  If necessary, we will travel to your location when possible to deliver exceptional MEDICAL FACILITY CLEANING service.

by Clean and Green Solutions Clean and Green Solutions



In March of 2019, we provided STUCCO COMMERCIAL BUILDING PRESSURE WASHING service for Largo Medical Center.  This 230 bed facility is a public, HCA, non-profit hospital.  They just celebrated their 40th anniversary and recently started a heart failure unit as well as a liver and kidney transplant unit.  Largo Medical Center is a designated Statutory Teaching Hospital with 12 graduate medical education programs.  Accreditation is provided by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration.  When they needed their stucco building pressure washed, they reached out to Clean and Green Solutions.


We drove over 1000 miles to provide superior STUCCO COMMERCIAL BUILDING PRESSURE WASHING service because they needed the project completed in a timely manner.  While they received multiple estimates for the project, they chose us because they knew they would get incredible visual results.  It has been many years since this facility has undergone cleaning.  There were heavy stains throughout the facility, and the window stains required a high level of experience and expertise.

Professional Stucco Power Washing

When some attempt to provide COMMERCIAL BUILDING PRESSURE WASHING services, they end up getting “stuck on stucco.”  By this, we mean mistakes are made and frustration results.  We use a SOFT WASH technique so that no damage occurs to the surface.  When cleaning stucco with high pressure, paint is chipped and cracks are exaggerated.  High pressure washing also results in things like water intrusion around trim, windows and doors.  High pressure washing also leaves mold and mildew spores behind, which means stains reappear again rather quickly.  Our SOFT WASH approach kills all spores, never results in intrusion, and won’t damage the structure in any way.


Clean and Green Solutions would be glad to provide a free estimate for STUCCO COMMERCIAL BUILDING PRESSURE WASHING service.  “THE DIFFERENCE IS WORTH THE DRIVE” and perhaps you need to hire a professional with experience and expertise to experience the difference we make!  Call 281-883-8470 even if we’re over a thousand miles away for stunning visual results.  We are proudly certified through the UAMCC and welcome the opportunity to serve you in the very near future!