by Angelo Angelo



If you need to know HOW TO CLEAN EIFS, we can help!  E.I.F.S. is an acronym for EXTERIOR INSULATION FINISHING SYSTEM.  So these unique exterior wall systems can be found on commercial and residential properties.  In addition, they can be found on both wood frame and masonry buildings.  Production methods evolved extensively since the 1960’s when first introduced in the construction industry. These changes allow manufacturers to build with great efficiency in a much more cost effective manner.


For many reasons, it is very important to use only LOW PRESSURE cleaning methods.  Using high pressure could result in damage both to the surface and to the structure.  While you might attempt to “do it yourself,” we do recommend calling a professional.  This ensures the potential for damage in minimized. A  professionally insured cleaning contractor means any damage that occurs would be covered by their insurance policy.  If you really want to know HOW TO CLEAN EIFS, consult with a professional cleaning contractor!


Clean and Green Solutions possesses safe cleaning solutions that will not harm the environment.  So they are safe for people, pets, and plants.  These unique cleaning agents are not available in home improvement stores.  This is why we recommend using a professional to clean and EIFS surface.  Along with experience and expertise, they have the equipment and cleaning solutions needed for EIFS surfaces.

Clean and Green Solutions is proudly certified through the UAMCC.  We will gladly provide a free estimate for cleaning your EIFS system structure on residential or commercial property.  Call or text 281-883-8470 for assistance! Clean and Green solutions is a Pressure Washing Houston company located in Kingwood Texas.  We service the entire Houston Texas metro area.