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Clean and Green Solutions has been proudly providing HOUSTON COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING services for over two decades.  We have extensive experience working with Property Managers, Facility Directors and General Managers for professional exterior cleaning services.  This includes many different types of businesses and properties, both large and small. 


There are many  HOUSTON COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING services available to businesses.  So from roof cleaning, to building and window wash, to the parking lot and walkways, we clean it all.  We remove difficult stains such as rust, grease and graffiti.  And if your sidewalks are covered with gum, we can remove that too!  Also, after hours scheduling is an option, which includes evenings, overnights, or weekends.  This is a great benefit for customer traffic, safety, and convenience for public interaction.  


The exterior condition of your business communicates a message to the public about your values.  This is why our HOUSTON COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING service is so important for your growth.  What sort of message is your building image presently communicating to potential customers and clients? 

If your building looks bright, fresh and inviting, this draws in more and more people.  The message is that you possess a commitment to excellence and attention to detail.  You have the resources you need to run your business successfully and the right way.  However, perhaps the public sees dirt, grime, grease and streaks on the roof and building.  The sidewalks may be dark and dingy and the parking area stained with tire marks and grease.  Thus, the message here is that you are struggling to get by and don’t have the resources to maintain the exterior.  Perhaps they wonder what this might mean for the condition of things inside the business. 


Here is a video of our recent HOUSTON COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING work.  This will give you a feel for how effective and helpful our service will be to helping your business grow.  



We welcome the opportunity to provide a free estimate for your consideration if you’ll simply call or text 281-883-8470.  We are fully insured, as well as certified through the UAMCC.  

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If you relocate into the Houston area from another part of the county, here’s what happens.  Before you purchase a new home, many neighborhoods with HOAs ensure you agree to follow their rules.  Most agree that some of the rules can be on the ridiculous side.  Letters were mailed for HOA VIOLATIONS about grass being too tall shortly after Hurricane Harvey.  In addition, some receive letters about trash cans being out too long on trash pick up day.  GOOD GRIEF! Get a grip, right?


But there are also rules that are not so ridiculous.  These rules are meant to protect property values throughout the entire neighborhood.  They help maintain a positive visual image.  They help prevent conflict between neighbors.  And the rules are applied to all neighbors, which keeps things fair.

HOA Violations


Are you in receipt of a letter from your Homeowner’s Association? This is becoming more and more common throughout the greater Houston region.  Perhaps the letter calls out grease stains, algae on exterior surfaces, or roof stains.  The HOA is simply attempting to hold the entire neighborhood to a common visual standard.  And while we would agree some rules are ridiculous, we definitely see the value of these rules pertaining to exterior cleaning.  The entire neighborhood benefits from these kinds of rules.  People tend to take better care of their property as a direct result.  The end result is higher property values when the time comes to re-sell the home.


If you have an HOA VIOLATIONS that need to be corrected, call or text 281-883-8470.  Clean and Green Solutions is proudly certified through the UNITED ASSOCIATION of MOBILE CLEANING CONTRACTORS.  In addition, you can read and view videos about our HOUSE WASHING SERVICE HERE.

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Stucco Cleaning Houston Texas

Stucco Cleaning Houston Texas

Stucco Cleaning Houston Texas is one of the services we offer that you may need.  This safe cleaning process allows us to remove even the most stubborn stains without damaging the surface.  Using high pressure  can cause significant damage that often times cannot be repaired.  Therefore, I strongly recommend always using a professional company like ours. Extensive experience and proper equipment are requirements to achieve results you desire without damage.

The Houston Texas region has many different types of stucco on homes and buildings.  Each type requires different treatment.  This is because you cannot clean all surfaces using traditional power washing methods.  When hiring an exterior pressure washing company, accepting the lowest bid is not always wise.  In addition, it can lead to more costly repairs after the job is complete.  This is due to the person or company doing the work not having the proper education and experience.  Then, to top it off, the person or company does not have the proper insurance. This leaves the property owner to foot the bill for the repairs.  See our article HERE on proper pressure cleaning insurance.

Certified Pressure Washing Company

In conclusion, all of our cleaning technicians are properly trained to clean a wide variety of different surfaces.   This gives you the peace of mind that your property will be cleaned safely and without damage.  Our company is also a Certified Pressure Washing company through the UAMCC.

Stucco Cleaning Houston Texas

Stucco Cleaning Houston Texas

The picture in this article is a before and after cleaning of a recent Stucco Cleaning Houston Texas job we performed.  We were able to safely clean and restore the stucco, using our low pressure soft washing methods.  This returns the stucco to its like new, original condition.

For all your Houston Texas Pressure Washing services, please call or text us at 2818838470.  We will be glad to provide you with a FREE on site consultation and estimate.


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At Clean and Green Solutions, we want our customers to understand the importance of pressure washing insurance. Some pressure washing contractors may save money and carry very generic policies with low coverage levels. But we DO NOT cut corners on insurance coverage! To our knowledge, we participate in the only insurance program in the country designed specifically and solely for pressure washing contractors. The best part is that our coverage includes protection for property owner damage or loss in the course of our work.


As an example, one Illinois pressure washing contractor had a devastating loss. The tip from the spray gun flew off smashing right through a window, damaging furnishings and the floor. His policy was not sufficient to cover the damage because there was a “care, custody, and control” exclusion. By contrast, our policy includes this provision. The “care, custody, and control” coverage is sometimes referred to as “faulty workmanship” coverage.


It covers any loss or damage to the customer’s property resulting from any mistake the contractor makes. This includes both residential and commercial property. It is a vitally important part of insurance coverage, and you’ll want to always work with contractors who have it! Some of the other important coverages we have include: Blanket Waiver of Subrogation, Blanket Additional Insured Endorsement, Voluntary Property Damage, and Workman’s Comp.


We encourage all customers working with pressure washing contractors to verify that their insurance coverage is valid and active. Make sure their coverage is sufficient to cover any damage or loss to your property as a result of the work they perform. Unfortunately, many in our industry claim to have insurance coverage, but will let the policy lapse for non payment when business is down. So make sure the policy is valid and active.


Make sure their coverage is sufficient to cover loss or damage to your property they might cause. For this reason, upon request, we will put our customers in direct contact with our insurance provider. Customers can then confirm our policy is active and the coverages are sufficient. This will provide great peace of mind in the event of accidental damage or loss.  Clean and Green Solutions is a certified company through the UAMCC.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel HERE!

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Working with Facility Managers


Working with Facility Managers is something Clean and Green Solutions has extensive experience with and greatly enjoys.  We understand some of the daily pressures they face working with contractors, and our desire is to help ease their load. When it comes to exterior cleaning, Clean and Green Solutions loves Working with Facility Managers in every way possible.


Facility Directors manage small, medium size, and very large facilities, and usually oversee staff members. But regardless of the size and scope of work, the outside of the building must remain clean. The roof, walls, sidewalks and parking areas tend grow dark, dingy and dirty over the years. A Facility Director manages this important aspect of property maintenance. This empowers the organization to project a first class image in the community. Facility Managers will usually gather approximately three bids from various cleaning contractors to ensure competitive pricing.


At Clean and Green Solutions, we work with Facility Directors in a wide variety of ways. First, we are always glad to provide a free estimate with detailed scope of work, based on need. This includes large and small projects and our many services can be found HERE. Secondly, through our PRESSURE CLEANING SCHOOL, we provide extensive training for staff members who pressure wash their property under Facility Director supervision. We raise the skill of staff members through classroom and on the job training. This ensures the work they perform provides the kind of quality visual results needed. We also provide cleaning agents that work effectively through DOUG RUCKER STORE.


If you are a Facility Director, we encourage you to call or text 281-326-9828 so that we might assist you. It would be an honor for us to partner with you for cleaning, training, or equipment and supplies. Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about our desire to work closely with Facility Directors.