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Few people every really consider the value of FENCE CLEANING as they consider various exterior cleaning services for their home or business.  While roof cleaning, house wash, and concrete cleaning are more typical, we do also clean fencing to make the entire property look fresh and attractive once again.  Wood fencing as well as wood decks are very common in The Woodlands and Kingwood, Texas areas.


All of our FENCE CLEANING wood deck cleaning products and solutions are safe for plants and people.  We insist on using eco-friendly strategies to protect the entire property.  These products along with our professional grade equipment enable us to return your wood deck or fence to their original color and condition.



Upon wood FENCE CLEANING completion, you have a choice to make between two options.  First, we can apply our seal and stain products to protect the wood and keep it looking fresh a new for a longer period of time.  You will see some of the same discoloration return fairly quickly, as this is the nature of exposed, untreated wood.  But another option is to simply schedule a return visit for a second maintenance cleaning at a much reduced price.


Wood is not the only fence and deck surfaces which need to be cleaned.  Other surfaces such as vinyl and composite also attract organic stains, streaks and discoloration.  We would be glad to provide a free consultation and clearly explain which of these eyesores we would be able to remove and which are going to remain permanently.


Call or text 281-883-8470 for a free estimate.  Clean and Green Solutions is proudly affiliated with the UAMCC and we are FULLY INSURED.


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Clean and Green Solutions has been proudly providing HOUSTON COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING services for over two decades.  We have extensive experience working with Property Managers, Facility Directors and General Managers for professional exterior cleaning services.  This includes many different types of businesses and properties, both large and small. 


There are many  HOUSTON COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING services available to businesses.  So from roof cleaning, to building and window wash, to the parking lot and walkways, we clean it all.  We remove difficult stains such as rust, grease and graffiti.  And if your sidewalks are covered with gum, we can remove that too!  Also, after hours scheduling is an option, which includes evenings, overnights, or weekends.  This is a great benefit for customer traffic, safety, and convenience for public interaction.  


The exterior condition of your business communicates a message to the public about your values.  This is why our HOUSTON COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING service is so important for your growth.  What sort of message is your building image presently communicating to potential customers and clients? 

If your building looks bright, fresh and inviting, this draws in more and more people.  The message is that you possess a commitment to excellence and attention to detail.  You have the resources you need to run your business successfully and the right way.  However, perhaps the public sees dirt, grime, grease and streaks on the roof and building.  The sidewalks may be dark and dingy and the parking area stained with tire marks and grease.  Thus, the message here is that you are struggling to get by and don’t have the resources to maintain the exterior.  Perhaps they wonder what this might mean for the condition of things inside the business. 


Here is a video of our recent HOUSTON COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING work.  This will give you a feel for how effective and helpful our service will be to helping your business grow.  



We welcome the opportunity to provide a free estimate for your consideration if you’ll simply call or text 281-883-8470.  We are fully insured, as well as certified through the UAMCC.  

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It is exciting for us to announce our SUNBELT LIFT SAFETY CERTIFICATION completion on December 10, 2019.  It is difficult to overstate what an incredible impact this will have upon our COMMERCIAL PRESSURE WASHING SERVICES.   In order to fully complete exterior cleaning projects in high places, SUNBELT LIFT SAFETY CERTIFICATION is quintessential.  Whether for roof or window cleaning, or reaching elevated exterior wall surfaces, we can successfully and safely complete the project.  This CERTIFICATION means we can safely work in spaces up to 185 feet.  We are now able to professionally and safely operate work platforms with elevated access.  There are many advantages of possessing this certification, but here are just three to consider.


First and foremost, this certification has the approval of OSHA. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has created a strict set of lift training and certification rules.  These rules are designed specifically to reduce accidental injuries and fatalities when working on elevated platforms.  SUNBELT LIFT SAFETY CERTIFICATION training includes both formal and practical instruction.  This enables us to operate various lifts and perform routine equipment inspections.



Secondly, it means all of our trained employees will be in greater demand now.  Our business will grow as a result of increased opportunities available to us with SUNBELT LIFT SAFETY CERTIFICATION.  Plus, this certification will greatly enhance and strengthen the careers of our employees.  We never want to lose a member of our team!  But if we do, they are better equipped now than when they began with our company.


Finally, the entire Houston region business environment benefits.  Very few pressure washing companies possess SUNBELT LIFT SAFETY CERTIFICATION.  But there are some, and we have joined this narrow field.  Healthy competition means pricing remains competitive for businesses operating in multiple level buildings.  The law of supply and demand is greatly at work here, which benefits all Houston area businesses.



Call or text 281-883-8470 if you desire an estimate for higher level roof or window cleaning, and building wash.  Clean and Green Solutions is also certified through the UAMCC.


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If you need to know HOW TO CLEAN EIFS, we can help!  E.I.F.S. is an acronym for EXTERIOR INSULATION FINISHING SYSTEM.  So these unique exterior wall systems can be found on commercial and residential properties.  In addition, they can be found on both wood frame and masonry buildings.  Production methods evolved extensively since the 1960’s when first introduced in the construction industry. These changes allow manufacturers to build with great efficiency in a much more cost effective manner.


For many reasons, it is very important to use only LOW PRESSURE cleaning methods.  Using high pressure could result in damage both to the surface and to the structure.  While you might attempt to “do it yourself,” we do recommend calling a professional.  This ensures the potential for damage in minimized. A  professionally insured cleaning contractor means any damage that occurs would be covered by their insurance policy.  If you really want to know HOW TO CLEAN EIFS, consult with a professional cleaning contractor!


Clean and Green Solutions possesses safe cleaning solutions that will not harm the environment.  So they are safe for people, pets, and plants.  These unique cleaning agents are not available in home improvement stores.  This is why we recommend using a professional to clean and EIFS surface.  Along with experience and expertise, they have the equipment and cleaning solutions needed for EIFS surfaces.

Clean and Green Solutions is proudly certified through the UAMCC.  We will gladly provide a free estimate for cleaning your EIFS system structure on residential or commercial property.  Call or text 281-883-8470 for assistance! Clean and Green solutions is a Pressure Washing Houston company located in Kingwood Texas.  We service the entire Houston Texas metro area.

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Training Maintenance Staff to Pressure Wash


Have you considered training maintenance staff to pressure wash more effectively and more efficiently?  We have discovered that many organizations are using maintenance staff to pressure wash buildings.  This includes restaurants, apartments and condominium facilities, hospitals and medical office buildings, schools, and the list goes on.  In fact, we expect maintenance staff to have extensive knowledge in a wide variety of areas.  HVAC, electrical, drywall and painting repairs, landscaping and yard care, plumbing, security system, and so much more.  We certainly understand organizations utilizing their maintenance staff in this way and stand ready to assist!

training maintenance staff in pressure washing


Pressure Cleaning School would welcome the opportunity to partner with your organization to provide exceptional pressure wash training.  Thus, there are several ways your organization could take advantage of this unique continuing education opportunity.   We demonstrate the use of equipment, share unique cleaning strategies and techniques, and cover mix ratios and cleaning agents.  There are videos that address specific stains and the requirements to remove it, oxidation, and how to clean different surfaces.

Another way your organization could benefit is from sending maintenance staff to training events.  We provide monthly two day training events that are held in different locations throughout Houston.  These events also provide students with a combination of classroom learning and practical, hands on instruction with equipment and cleaning agents.

In addition to events, we would be glad to bring the school to your location.  This would allow the training to be strategically customized for your staff and based on your facilities.  Take a look at one of our recent training events!


We have taken this school all over the country and have provided training in areas that include Orlando, San Diego, New Jersey, Phoenix and many other U.S. cities!  Call or text 281-883-3630.  Once your maintenance staff joins this school, they have continual access to training instructor Doug Rucker for any questions or concerns they may have.

Prefer to hire a Professional Pressure Washing Company?  Contact us HERE.