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Clean and Green Solutions has been CLEANING APARTMENTS for well over twenty years.  We are proud of the way relationships form with many property managers through this specialty.  We welcome the opportunity to work closely with property managers on large projects.  Many property managers are glad to hear that we are compliance depot certified.


The services we provide while cleaning apartments are as follows.  We provide a SOFT WASH method of roof cleaning, and usually do not need to walk on the roof.  This prevents damage and greatly reduces slip and fall injury risks.  We clean all types of exterior wall surfaces, including stain removal.  Rust, grease, graffiti, tire marks, and gum are just a few of the stains we successfully, consistently and completely eliminate.  We also clean sidewalks, parking areas including garages, playground equipment and monuments.  And of course, we do windows!



We work closely with property managers to schedule cleaning apartments at times that will create the least impact for residents.  This might require weekend or late night hours, and we are happy to accommodate the scheduling needs of residents.  We only use environmentally friendly products so that people, pets and plants do not sustain harm in any way.  We carry full insurance are certified with the UAMCC.


Apartment cleaning usually requires some very unique cleaning needs that are not found as part of other projects.  For example, there may be outdoor recreational courts that are part of the job.  Gazebos, piers, and boardwalks area also typical for apartment cleaning.  There is usually a clubhouse, a pool deck, and a fitness center also needing attention.  The entire property must be equally maintained to keep it looking fresh and at its best!  This includes dumpster areas, the car wash spot, and even outdoor exercise equipment.  We clean it all, and welcome you to reach out now to request a free estimate.  Call or text 281-883-8470 today!




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PREVENTING CONCRETE OIL STAINS is a new trend in the construction industry. We hardly ever even notice concrete oil stains throughout our communities because they are so commonplace. They are present on driveways at home. We have them on parking lots at work, where we shop and places of business. Schools, churches, hospitals and on and on the list goes of places saturated with concrete oil stains. As a result, we do not see them anymore.

CLEAN AND GREEN SOLUTIONS is proud to provide a new a new service. We now offer PREVENTING CONCRETE OIL STAINS service for residential and commercial properties. We use a stain blocking invisible sealer that blocks oil, water, and other organic stains. This water based sealer is non-film forming with a transparent finish. This durable and long lasting protection is ideal for driveways, parking areas, industrial flooring, and restaurants. It contains no silicone or wax elements. In addition, our sealer is highly effective for both new and old surfaces. It will work well on pavers, masonry, stone, grout, unglazed tile, and terra cotta.

Preventing Oil Stains

Imagine newly constructed homes and businesses that are protected against oil stains for 6-10 years. For existing homes and businesses, we would provide concrete cleaning before applying the sealer that protects against stains. We are excited about this new service and welcome the opportunity to speak with you personally if you have questions.

Call 281-883-8470 to receive a free estimate for PREVENTING CONCRETE OIL STAINS. Clean and Green Solutions is certified with the UAMCC.

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Hire a pro to improve curb appeal is fantastic advice!  As I was reading through various articles related to a news search, I came across one on how to improve curb appeal.  It provides five great ways to improve your home’s curb appeal.  They are as follows: paint the front door, pressure wash exterior surfaces, trim trees and shrubs, fix up the front walk way, and add new lighting fixtures.  This is a great advice for anyone preparing to sell their home as well as for realtors to pass along to their clients.


Pressure washing exterior surfaces is, indeed, a fantastic way to increase curb appeal.  But what I found interesting is that the article was suggesting that it be done professionally.  While the other four suggestions are DIY projects, they cite two reasons to HIRE A PRO!  First, pressure washers hog up precious storage space, and second, it can be dangerous and causes thousands of injuries each year.


There are other reasons to hire a pro that we would like to add!  First and foremost, high levels of water pressure blasting away at the surface can cause damage.  This is why we SOFT WASH most surfaces.  It protects the structural integrity of your home and ensures no damage to the surface, regardless of surface type.  Secondly, Clean and Green Solutions has various cleaning agents that we mix, which are designed for different surfaces and with various stains in mind.  Rust, grease, graffiti or paint, each require different cleaning agents and mix ratios.  Finally, we have professional grade equipment such as surface cleaners, extension wands, tanks, plus plenty of hose and so much more.

If you are thinking of placing your home on the market, we’re sure you’ll do everything you can to improve curb appeal.  And make sure you HIRE A PRO to clean your property, top to bottom!   The roof, the walls, the driveway and sidewalks, the pool deck…everything needs to be washed!  So call 281-883-8470 for a free estimate to help improve curb appeal on your home today!